Today I'm speaking with Sara & Anucia of Inka Creative about how to plan for a business rebrand – how do you know when it's time for a rebrand; what should you remember when you rebrand and what's involved in rebranding.

Show Notes

People look at brand differently, it can be explained and understood in a number of different ways. What is ‘brand’ in your world?
More than your logo and visual identity brand is the way someone experiences your brand. It’s the emotions, memories and feelings they associate with you. Your brand is brought to life
through your logo, visual identity, copy, etc.

People come to you because you’re experts in brand, wanting to rebrand. What’s the number one reason people want to rebrand?
They’re not making an impact, they’re feeling stale, they don’t feel connected to their business, people don’t understand who they are, they have something new launching and they want to refresh and look the good before they do.

You do this for other brands, why did you decide to do it for yourself?
For many of those reasons above. It was time. We had grown up. During 2020 we took a long hard look at who we are and what we offer and we changed a lot of things. We needed that to be reflected to our audience in our brand.

How do you know when it’s time for a rebrand?
When you just aren’t feeling it. When your business has evolved. When you have elevated. If you aren’t connecting with the right people.

What should you remember when you rebrand?
To make sure that you are clear on who you’re talking to and clear on what your own brand identity is and what you stand for as a brand. Be clear on your unique personality and how you are going to communicate that through your new brand. What isn’t working? What do you need to make it work?

What’s involved in a rebrand? What are the pieces you need to think about?
Starting with your brand strategy, then updating all of the pieces that create you brand – logo and branding elements (fonts colours, etc) all of your collateral in line with that, words/copy, website, social media platforms. It can be overwhelming, but the best thing to do is audit your platforms, write them all down, prioritise them and systematically update them.

What’s the biggest challenge you experienced whilst doing your rebrand?
Time, perfectionism, being in it and not having a subjective view – highly recommend getting other people involved to help you see yourself and your brand clearly.

What do you do after you’ve rebranded to make sure it’s all worth it?
Tell you people! We knew we had to relaunch and share our new look with our audience, but we didn’t realise how much of a buzz it would create. I guess because we had been working on it so long. So tell people! And use the opportunity to re-introduce yourself. We were excited to be out in the world with our new identity and people were excited to meet us!

Who Are Inka?

Inka is a creative studio specialising in creative brand development and impactful marketing strategy.

We are creators, strategists, thinkers and doers. We’re a passionate team of brand lovers. And we’re all about people.

We look at your brand with fresh eyes and pull out your essence to uncover and communicate what makes you, truly you. Understand your audience so that you can better connect with them and build brand experiences and campaigns that are unique, powerful and engaging.

The personal experience and passion of a boutique agency, with big ideas and big experience.

We consult, coach and work closely with our clients to help you make informed decisions that will have a lasting impact on their business.

Make your mark with Inka.

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