Transform your thought leadership & unique perspective into revenue generating assets, services & a brand that speaks volumes. 
Using the Amplify Method, you'll create a unique and powerful message that connects with the right clients.

Amplify is here to support you to hit your 2024 goals with next level support.

Get paid for what you think, not just what you do.


I see you...

You've already built a great business and now you're ready to scale it and grow your brand to become the go to person in your industry. 

Hey trailblazer - I see you and even more so - I GET YOU! You're looking for a business mastermind & coach to help you build a powerful & impactful personal brand & profitable business- right? But you need help to get out of your own way to create the right assets that will take your thought leader from just thoughts to pay day.

I know you want to contribute and be part of a mastermind & accelerator that's all about YOU and sharing real experience and knowledge. You're not just after group coaching and amazing content - you want the high touch approach where you have someone's eyes on your work and what you're doing. 
That's exactly what we do!

Amplify is your new home for connection, growth, upleveling and coaching.

a certifed biz & mindset coach, risk taker, dream builder and your new biz bestie!

Back in 2015 I wrote down a mission that is still stuck to my wall and I live by every day - I'm here to support you to become a bold and powerful voice in the world and claim you space with confidence. 

I started my business working just 2-3 days a week along side my corporate job.  I also had a 3 & 5 year old in the mix.  When I started I was doing 1 on 1 coaching, events and workshops.  I was trading hours for dollars and feeling like making money was hard and to be honest it was exhausting.  I was stuck under six figures trying to do all the things. 

Once I starting creating move scalable products and assets in my business, everything changed.  Even though I was only working 2-3 days a week in my business, I was abel to grow it to multiple six figure.  I started my podcast which brought clients in, I focused on my social media, which brought clients in and I started to deliver group coaching. 

The shift to revenue stack (which I teach you in Amplify) meant that I could make so much more out of the thought leadership and content that I was creating. 

The great thing is that I can show you how to do it too. 

I'm obsessed with supporting you to not only hit your big audacious goals but I want you to have the time and financial freedom too! 

Is it easy. No. But can we make it simple - yes. 

I've worked with 100's of women now (and spoken in front of 1000's) to support them to create amazing businesses and I want to do the same for you!

I'm Suz Chadwick

Have we met? Well if not... 👋

Bold and powerful voice in your industry and lead with

Courage & confidence

Now is your time to become a

so you can create real impact, earn what you want & attract your dream clients.

– you didn’t come here to play small.

You want to diversify your income and stop trading hours for dollars, plus you want to have a bigger impact – but maybe you're not sure how.   I can show you how to do that!

If you want different results, you can't just keep doing THE-SAME-OLD-THING.   You might be at a crossroads wondering, “what’s next for me?”
I hear you,  – and I’ve been knee-deep in those trenches, too.

I've built a consulting business, done 1 on 1 coaching for years, run an agency plus I've switched business structures to digital products, group coaching & speaking revenue streams.

Diversifying is what allowed me to scale, stop trading my days for dollars and grow my business in an EPIC way.

And I’ll help you to do the same in the Amplify Mastermind — where we’ll develop your thought leadership, understand your client's transformation at a deeper level and then create profitable assets that work for you. The result is you getting paid in different ways for your expertise, rather than just your time (Hello Revenue Stacking Strategy!)

Now I'm not going to tell you what your business model should be.  You may want to become part of the $44B e-learning industry with a well priced group program or may want to build your coaching and consulting service-based business.  Either way, I know that I can support you to build what you want – but you’ve got to be willing to show up and do the work.

Time is a luxury we don’t have, so why wait to bring your work to life? Let’s take imperfect, exciting action together.
Together we’ll discover and embrace the amazing opportunities that are waiting for you!

Are you ready?

Let's be honest

👉🏼 You have the foundations of your business in place and may have hit the 6 figure mark (or are experiencing 5 figure months consistently) and beyond and you're looking to start growing your coaching, consulting and/or digital programs. 

👉🏼 You're ready to scale and need to rethink or rejig your packages and market your expertise that brings more value to the work you do so you can charge more for it. 

👉🏼 You want to take your coaching, consulting or creative services to another level and work with more clients who value what you do and are willing to pay bigger bucks for it.

👉🏼 You may want to add digital programs to the mix of projects and service you have to work with more clients in a teach/training or coaching container. 

👉🏼 You want more for yourself. Period.

👉🏼 You’re tired of going it alone, and want the type of support and high level conversation that’ll help you grow.

I can’t read minds (yet), but does this ring a bell?


to be in a fully supported container with other women who are on the same journey of scaling where you get personalised attention.

create a message that showcases the value you bring to your clients so you can reach more people and never be feeling like you don't know what to say or talk about again. 

create more structure and scalability around what you teach so that you can leave burnout & struggle behind

build an ecosystem of revenue streams that help you earn more so you can grow your business in the way you want without working ALL THE TIME

become magnetic and attract the right people so you’re not stuck on that client-finding hamster wheel for eternity

Is that a hell yes I hear? Then stop waiting to feel ‘ready’ and take action – I’m cheering you on (high kicks and 🎉confetti canons🎉 included!) and together we can see what's possible…

Do you have a big burning desire to







For You



You're ready to go after the opportunities, collaborations and goals you really want and having our team supporting you to create the right pitches, resources and content will make a big difference.

You want to be known for your unique approach and thought leadership.  We'll help you create your signature framework, systems, and strategies to stand out in the crowd so it's easier to communicate the value you bring your clients.

You want to grow your community and client base in a way that works energetically for you whether that's on or off socials so that you can find where you're in flow and finding your ideal client becomes easier.  

You're already a coach, mentor or guide to others (or want to be) and you're not sure how to build your business in a way that attracts the right clients.  We'll give you the framework & step by step support.

I'm your jam and you want to work together with and feel fully supported by me & my amazing team of AMPLIFY experts

"I found myself frustrated with my business, at a standstill of inaction. I knew what I wanted, what this empire that I loved needed for it to be all it could be. And for some reason I couldn't move forward.

I thought back to the last time I felt like I had what I needed, to be who my empire needed me, to be. It was working with Suz.

I didn't wait, I found the sales page and paid upfront on the spot. Here's the thing, the specifics of the program didn't matter. I knew if Suz was in it with me, the magic would happen - it always does.

Fast forward almost a year and I've created a new lead magnet, ran my first live challenge, created a new email funnel, a built and launched a new program, made some rad connections and am about to launch a podcast."

Audacious Empires - Leanne Woff

Online business management

To say my investment in Amplify was a no-brainer is an understatement. Amplify breathed the audacity back into everything that is Audacious Empires

Suz got me unstuck. I knew what I wanted to do, but was missing the how. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what my signature program would look like and how to deliver it.

After a few months in Amplify, I’ve had a $40k launch and now looking to evergreen my program. I’m so excited about the future. Suz is so transparent and giving with her knowledge. I’ve worked with other coaches before, but Suz pushes you to go a step further and truly own your thought leadership and create your own framework. Amplify is an incredible mastermind.

Tori kopke


Hear what Amplify clients have to say...

"After a few months in Amplify, I’ve had a $40k launch and now looking to evergreen my program. Amplify is an incredible mastermind."

"I've had the idea for my group coaching programme rattling around my head for so long, but I kept procrastinating on it. Joining Amplify has helped me to step out of the procrastination and start working through each step logically.

Having accountability, guidance, cheerleading, and FUN in the form of Suz and the other awesome women in our Amplify group has truly helped me to get unstuck and clear on my pathway forward for my group programme and the future of my business. We're only part way through but I can feel big shifts happening within me and the way I want to run my business – it's so exciting!"

Hayley maxwell

copywriter & brand messaging strategist

Hear what Amplify clients have to say...

"Amplify has truly helped me to get unstuck and clear on my pathway forward for my group programme and the future of my business." 

I found being in the Amplify Accelerator so valuable for keeping me moving forward with all the "back-end" and marketing side of my business that I wasn't creating time to do. I had created a program the year earlier but really had no idea how to get it in front of my ideal audience and Amplify gave me more structure and clarity around my brand, my message and my assets to make this a scalable & sustainable part of my business. 

I was really happy with the progress I made during that time & looking forward to a new year when I can re-join the programme and continue the next phase of the journey.

Vicky Jamieson

Natural Anti-Aging Specialist & Menopause Biohacker

Hear what Amplify grads have to say...

After months of stalking Suz on insta, clubhouse and via her podcasts, I decided to finally invest my time and money in her Amplify program.

I knew before even jumping on board that I’d get every penny worth and then some, and Suz hasn’t disappointed. Suz doesn’t just provide ridiculous value, but she keeps me motivated through her energy, words of encouragement and actions.

toni dingle

gut health coach

Worth every penny & more!

I have been in the Amplify Mastermind for 2 months now. Suz has taught me so much about branding & thought leadership, as well as overcoming my fear of visibility. 

Now I am successfully securing podcast interviews as a guest, getting my thought leadership content out there on LinkedIn and most importantly, I am owning who I am without apology, and I speak my message with certainty, confidence and clarity.

dr olivia ong


I'm owning who I am without apology,

I am currently doing Amplify and Bold Speakers Collective with Suz, and I am getting so much out of it.  The group I am with are really supportive, and although we are all at different points in our journey, Suz makes it relevant for all. The magic of the group is that they bring up things you may not have considered yet, but know you will need, and Suz records all meetings so we can go back when we are ready!

Content is thorough and easy to access, and my favourite thing , as a “list person”, is the ability to go step by step in the time you have to work on your projects. I have learned much so far, and cant wait to see what I am creating come to life.



A new lease of life for the biz


You belong in the

This is not your average mastermind & accelerator. In AMPLIFY, you’ll learn how to take your special blend of experience, thought leadership and your message and turn it into healthy REVENUE — by designing, building and growing the type of digital products and programs that’ll steal the show.

The AMPLIFY ACCELERATOR is a  high-touch group coaching program & mastermind that supports you to become the go-to person in your industry and earn more from your knowledge & expertise.

Amplify teaches you how to create an ecosystem of revenue streams, while also building a stand out personal brand that gets YOU noticed, liked and paid!

Take a magnifying glass to your business model, so that you can grow knowing it's helping you make the most money you can with the right revenue streams

 Build the confidence, courage and conviction to claim your space in your industry so you can create a Profitable personal Brand that does the work for you.

Start communicating your message in a more magnetic way that helps you stand out and draws your dream clients to you!

Define, develop and design your signature system, framework and program so you can build an ecosystem of assets

Teach what you know in a way that works for you through whatever service works for you. It might be speaking, courses, memberships or coaching programs - you decide!

Align your brand, business and marketing strategies so they’re seamlessly working together, while you’re working on the things you really want to

In Amplify, you can expect to...

Get excited because we're kicking things off with your own personalised 1 hour 1 on 1 strategy session.  That means that you'll have a super clear plan and strategy of what to focus on as we work together in Amplify. 
You can use this coaching session to have a super clearn plan that you'll then use throughout the time we're working together.
You'lll get personalise support and to help you move through any issues or ideas that you're wanting to bring to life.   

But you’re not going to do it alone! You’ll have more support than you could twirl a baton at.
Here’s what you get 👇🏼

Weekly live group coaching calls.  Our coaching calls are your judgement-free space to use as a sounding board to discuss your strategy and goals. You’ll get the support you need to help you overcome challenges and meet like-minded, passionate women in business who’ll cheer you on along the way!

INCLUDED: Weekly group coaching calls

You know that feeling when you're looked at something a million times and just don't know if it's good or not? We get it. So you'll get our eyes & brains on your work when you need it so that you can stop doing it all on your own & get real feedback!

Submit your content, strategies, programs, copy (or anything else you're working on) and the Amplify team will provide personalised, recorded feedback on your work. This next level support is exclusive to Amplify and it's not just Suz you get access to, but a whole team of exceptionally smart people bringing their own expertise to the table.

INCLUDED: Personalised Work Critiques

Connect with the rest of the Amplify community plus get access to support whenever you need it in the group, share your wins, asked questions and get responses for others who have done it before plus have a place to connect. 

INCLUDED: Private AMPLIFY Community

Get the keys to your private portal and access regularly updated resources, downloads, high-impact training videos, content, coaching and templates. You’ll find everything you need to build the business of your dreams… because your legacy ain't gonna build itself gorgeous!

INCLUDED: All AMPLIFY content, templates, worksheets & frameworks 


24/7 access to content & courses

You can access AMPLIFY anytime on desktop or mobile, via Heartbeat. Each module is delivered via video lessons, worksheets, audio and transcripts so you can access the content in a way that suits your learning style best - listen in the car or on your daily walk, watch them at your desk or from the comfort of your couch (or bed!)!

Everything you need to position yourself as a sought after speaker and land opportunities so that you can add speaking as a profitable income stream to your business. In the Bold Speaker’s Collective you’ll learn how to create speaker assets that help you stand out, get found by event organisers, book big name gigs, present like a #boss at both online and live events, sell from the stage and SO MUCH MORE!

With an average of 40+ speaking, podcast, conference, workshop and masterclass gigs a year over the last 5 years, I know exactly what it takes to connect with people who need what you have!

And with the Bold Speaker’s Collective I’m sharing it all with YOU.

VALUE: $1,000+

INCLUDED:  1:1 Strategy session

⭐1 x Strategy Session when you join

⭐3 group coaching calls per month

⭐2 x Personalised work critiques per month

Amplify Training Library including:

⭐Platinum Program Design - step by step on how to build your online programs, mastermind, courses.
⭐Mindset Mastery - to help you get out of your own way!
⭐The Coaching Code - Guide you through how to build your coaching system & manage clients
⭐Personal Brand Strategy Matrix - Create a plan for how you're going to build your personal brand in an intentional way
⭐Sales Authority - simple strategies for selling it all
⭐Momentus Messaging - How to nail your messaging and love it so that you share it confidently


1. Reimaginging your business model, Product & service suite build (courses, coaching, consulting) to meet your goals.

2. Brand, message, marketing & positioning to stand out. Know what to say, when to say it & know that it's working.

3. Mindset & money managment to become more confident & courageous 

4. Funnels strategy & automations to systemise your business with ease and repeatable processes.

5. Personal brand build through speaking, courses, podcast & media. Get your message out!

core elements you'll work through & get support in. Based on what you need we'll guide you on where to start and how to work through things.

We'll have training sessions at least once every month on relevant topics to what's happening in the market right now.
Some of our training sessions have focused on:
- Creating a simple Funnel strategy
- Managing your mind around money & charging
- Building Confidence to grow your business
- Manifesting what you want more of
- Understanding the data in your business

INCLUDED: Monthly training sessions

⭐1 per month group live training


APPLY NOW, stop waiting and get started now!   If you have questions, please feel free to email us at


That's okay. We don't all have to be in the stage of launching, but because we're all focused on a shared goal of growing our personal brand, services & program, there is so much value in having other people opinions and experiences.  Based on the experiences we've had in Amplify to date, we know that so many of our clients have been able to support one another and share their knowledge and expertise and I'm sure you'll be just the same!


That's okay, everyone starts somewhere and we can work with what you have. Whilst you're building your program we can also work on ideas for growing your audience through a number of strategies shared in Amplify. 


You get all of me baby! 😂 I've built all the content, all the assets, I deliver the coaching calls and will answer your questions in the private community too. I have a few other people with specialised backgrounds that help as needed but it's 98% me! lucky you!


All coaching calls are recorded so you can catch up on anything you've missed. If you can't make it to a call then you can submit a question and I'll still answer it so that you can get your answer when you watch the replay.


The strategies that I share are the strategies that I use and have used with my successful programs. But at the end of the day it's up to YOU to do the work, make the commitment, and utilise everything that we teach you. We'll do everything we can to ensure you make it a success… but as I'm sure you know, we can only support you to the point that you're willing to show up and do the work.


The short answer is - OH SO MUCH!!
You can submit your work and Suz and the team will review it. So you can submit your thought leadership, marketing calendar, course outline, webinar slides, Ads, sales page copy - you get the idea. Simply submit what you need help with and we'll record a loom video talking through what you’ve already nailed, what we recommend you do and anything we feel needs to change. We're totally here to help you make this a success!


Have Questions? I've got answers.

See what our clients say about working with us

"After a few months in Amplify, I’ve had a $40k launch and now looking to evergreen my program. Amplify is an incredible mastermind."

Tori Kopke - Rural Business Coach

"Amplify has truly helped me to get unstuck and clear on my pathway forward for my group programme and the future of my business." 

Hayley Maxwell - Copywriter & Brand Messaging Strategist

"Suz doesn’t just provide ridiculous value, but she keeps me motivated through her energy, words of encouragement and actions."

Toni Diggle - Health Coach

I am getting so much out of it. The group I am with are really supportive, and although we are all at different points in our journey, Suz makes it relevant for all. The magic of the group is that they bring up things you may not have considered yet, but know you will need.

Natalie Wild -Registered Counsellor & Counselling supervisor

It's been  so valuable for keeping me moving forward with all the "back-end" and marketing side of my business that I wasn't creating time to do. I had created a program the year earlier but really had no idea how to get it in front of my ideal audience and Amplify gave me more structure and clarity around my brand, my message and my assets to make this a scalable & sustainable part of my business. 

Vicki Jameson - Menapause Coach

Claudia Domancie
Pilates Teacher + Mentor

Janine Stanton
web & brand designer

maryanne aimes
digital coach to ceos

lizzy Macaulay
copywriter & coach

Suz stretched my thinking, nudged me outside my comfort zone, and encouraged me o shine a light on all the beautiful aspects of my business and personal brand.

Without Suz I know that I would be stuck in procrastination and perfection with my podcast, and I certainly wouldn’t have had the confidence to start writing a book.

I thoroughly recommend Suz as a business coach, for anyone looking to step into their personal brand and be seen as they go to expert that they truly desire to be.

Building different revenue streams, increasing your confidence as coach, consultant or service provider that works with their clients in different ways and earn more in a one to many, personal brand driven model.

Imagine the bigger things you could do for your clients, your industry, the causes you’re passionate about, your family and your own damn self!

What would that mean to you? How would it make you feel?

Stop wondering and let me show you how to start taking the steps to make it happen. #Igotyou

Just imagine where you'll be in the 6-12 months

all possible

And it’s here for the taking if you're ready to show up, step up and do the work.

The one thing that you need to know is that it is