I've loved connecting and communicating with people for a very long time.  From when I was a 16 year old debater at school through to being in sales for almost 20 years of my career.  As Matthew McConaughey says - I just want to meet great people and do cool things!

Following 15 years in recruitment and sales, I jumped into building a brand consulting business that went global.  I worked with some of the biggest corporate brands to help them attract the people they wanted and bring their, usually boring message to life. 

Once I decided to go into business for myself, I knew I wanted to work with small business owners to help you do the same.  Bring your brand & message to life so you can grow your business and learn to love selling what you have. 
I'm obsessed with business being simple.  Simple systems, strategies, structure backed by a powerhouse mindset.   

That's my way of doing anyway! So If You’re Sick Of ‘Blending In’ And Want To Build A Magnetic And Bold Business, Hold My Lychee Martini And Let's Do This.

I’m a bold business
& certified mindset coach for  doers!

hey there!

(is that you?)

What could you do if you

backed yourself?

I know it works because I’ve seen hundreds of women take the leap and ‘do the thing’ with mind blowing results.

When I started my business back in 2015, I interviewed over 100 entreprenuers, mainly women - and I discovered something. 

Your mindset and belief in what is possible for you will determine what you do, how you act and what you go after. 

That's why as a certified mindset coach, I know that I can not only help my clients with the business strategy, sales & structure of their business but I can support you to break through the thinking and beliefs that are current keeping you stuck right where you are. 

So if you're look for a coach at the intersection of THINK & DO then you've found her! 

Need to sort out your mindset because it’s holding you back 

Want to create a brand you love that magnetises your dream clients

Need to develop a marketing strategy that works 

Or create a killer brand experience for your amazing clients... 

It’s time to claim your space!

My mother always taught me that - you have to ask for what you want.
So if you: 


Let’s get down to business! 





- Jessica ROBERTS

"I can't imagine where my business would be without this course by Suz!
Seriously life-changing."

love notes

Get the lowdown from past grads…

1. Business Coach:
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5. Building a Personal Brand:
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Now that we’ve met, I challenge you to take that next scary step. Start that business, create that online course, record your podcast – whatever it is, it’s time to stop playing small and BE BOLD.

What if you get what you want?
What if it’s going to be amazing?
The only way to know is if you begin.

Bold is how I roll ✌🏼