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So if you’re sick of ‘blending in’ and want to build a magnetic and bold business, hold my lychee martini and jump in – we’re off to THRIVE 🙌🏼 

Hey gorgeous, I’m Suz (*cue confetti cannon and pop that champagne*). A South African born, Australian raised, Gorman wearing, 80s tunes blasting, thrill-seeking woman. I jump out of planes and dive off cliffs – neither of which are as heart pumping as running a business (amiright?!). 

Besides being an in-demand speaker and podcast aficionado, I love working with savvy women to help them become bold and powerful voices in their industry and claim their space with confidence. I truly believe that daring female entrepreneurs can create profitable businesses that fit their lifestyle – not the other way around! 

I’m a bold branding & small business coach for doers

hey there!

(is that you?)

What could you do if you

When I take a risk, I must hold the belief that it will work out – otherwise, I won't take that risk.

I back myself – it’s what took me halfway across the world
to London where for 8 years I worked hard and played harder. 

It’s how I then met my hubby at a speed dating event at the Grey Inn Road pub in Holborn. Best 20 quid I ever spent!

Taking risks gave me the ‘ovaries’ to start my business, The Connection Exchange, and leave my corporate job to become a small business coach and create the kind of community I was looking for, but couldn’t find. 

backed yourself?

It’s also why I do the work I do because I’ve seen hundreds of women take the leap and ‘do the thing’ with mind blowing results.

Are you willing to 
                        that BIG THINGS
are possible for you?

So many passion-fuelled women know where they want to go but have no plan or idea on how to get there. No strategy on how to sustainably build their brand and grow their business (and bank account)!

I get it – stepping up and living your truth is scary. But you don’t have to go it alone (I also wrote a book about this, FYI). 


Community is everything and I’ve made it my mission to bring bold women together to support, cheer on and pump each other up. 


I’m so passionate about this that it’s infused in everything I do. When you join Brand Builders Academy, the Amplify Accelerator or even my Bold Speakers Collective, you not only get access to my wisdom... you join a family of ambitious go-getters seeking to have a real impact on the world. 

I’ve been all over the world – New York, London and Barcelona are my favourite cities, btw – and I can, hand on my heart say, that when women are empowered financially real

Because I 
in women supporting women


magic happens.

Because I 

in women supporting women

Need to sort out your mindset because it’s holding you back 

Want to create a brand you love

Need to develop a marketing strategy that works 

Or create a killer brand experience for your amazing clients... 

It’s time to claim your space!

If my kids have taught me anything – thank you Miss 10 and Master 9 – is that you have to ask for what you want.

So if you: 


Let’s get down to business! 





- Jessica ROBERTS

"I can't imagine where my business would be without this course by Suz!
Seriously life-changing."

love notes

Get the lowdown from past grads…

My Values









Yalari is a not-for-profit organisation that offers quality, secondary education scholarships at leading Australian boarding schools for Indigenous children from regional, rural and remote communities. As a society, we need to support our local First Nations people to ensure they have access to education and opportunities to create real change.

Educating and empowering indigenous children with Yalari

Giving back
As a bold and powerful voice in my industry, I’m committed to supporting those with less opportunity and access. It’s why I actively support charities that help young women and girls to reach their full potential. 

One Girl harnesses the power of education to drive change for girls and their communities. Their mission is to imagine a world where all girls have access to quality education – and that’s something I am 100% on board with!

One Girl gives girls access to quality education


Now that we’ve met, I challenge you to take that next scary step. Start that business, create that online course, record your podcast – whatever it is, it’s time to stop playing small and BE BOLD.

What if you get what you want?
What if it’s going to be amazing?
The only way to know is if you begin.

Bold is how I roll ✌🏼




Community is at the heart of it all. As women in business, we can go so much further when we support one another and create opportunities that really lift all of us up. I’m here to instigate and share in honest conversations, collaborate and learn together. 

My Values


As a small business coach, I support women to have clear strategies, financial literacy and grow a profitable business to support their dreams, their families and their community. Knowledge is so important to creating a business that grows, thrives and achieves what you want it to. 


Equality in business and society is extremely important to me. I stand against racism and the systems that hold minority groups back from experiencing all of the benefits and opportunities available to many of us. I use my voice to advocate and champion others.  


I’m not about a highlight reel. I deal in honest conversations that help each of us learn and understand what’s possible. Let’s talk about the hard times as well as celebrating success. I won't sugar coat it or tell you what I think you want to hear. I’ll always share from a real place of small business building, growing and learning.


Yep, it's pretty simple – when knowledge and community come together, it needs to be fun, too! I aim to create exceptional experiences through all of my events and courses because I want you to enjoy being part of what you create. Business has so many great aspects and making it enjoyable is how I like to roll! 



Bold is about breaking the mould, going against the grain and getting comfortable in the uncomfortable.  I believe that you business can only get to where you really want it to go when you make bold moves in order to stand out in your market!


I can’t recommend Brand Builder's Academy highly enough to any woman in business that wants to play a bigger game! I got so much more than I expected to ever gain from a business course. This has challenged me, helped me ask the hard questions I have been avoiding, and in the end I have come out with such clarity on where I want to take my business. Jumping on the coaching calls each week was absolutely invaluable in helping ask more detailed questions on areas I was struggling with and Suzanne was always so generous with her time to provide help to myself and the other ladies with specifics that applied directly to our own businesses that we could action. I will definitely be revisiting the modules again in the future as my business grows and I’m wanting to up my game again and again. Thanks Suz!


Absolutely invaluable



Thanks again to @suzchadwick for always encouraging me to push myself and continue to grow in my business Taking this course was a real turning point for me in my business .. Suz has an energy that is so infectious and motivates you to play big !!!!


Motivates you to play big!



My time before BBA seems like a distant memory, because of the huge changes that have happened since then. I think back and I remember being foggy, confused, without direction or confidence.

I was drawn to Suz through her infectious personality, insightful answers and zest for all things business and supporting women. BBA has helped me clarify by business vision, values and offering. I have a clear picture of who I serve and how I can help them.

I am now attracting my ideal clients and building my business with a solid foundation. On top of that, I have a wonderful and passionate cheerleader in Suz.

I look forward to continuing with BBA in further rounds, as the information is always evolving and Suz's insights will be valuable, no matter what stage of business I am at.


I am now attracting my ideal clients

Branding, Design & Websites


I decided to join Brand Builder's Academy, because I really wanted to do something for myself in my business. When I saw the branding and I saw Suzanne with the pompoms, it really resonated with me, because I felt like it was time for me to actually put my business first, and I really didn't know where to start. I felt like I needed a guidance. The biggest breakthrough I had during the course was nailing my core message. Once I got that, (it took me a while) but once I got that, everything else started to make sense. How I thought about my marketing, my pricing, and exactly how I knew it made my target audience clearer.

My favourite thing about the course in terms of working with Suzanne and the rest of the group is just the supportive atmosphere. I mean, being in a small business and working in a very solitary space, it doesn't really give you a lot of creative ground to bounce ideas off people, and it also is wonderful to know that other women are going through exactly the same thing, and even hear Suzanne say that she has these mental blocks, or money blocks, or whatever it is, actually makes you feel more reassured that you are on the right track, you're not lost, and you just have to work through it.

I think this course is for women who want to play a bigger game in their business and who are ready to recognise that in order for them to grow in their business, that they actually have to put themselves first, that they need to invest the time to actually work out how your business is going to be structured, how you want to grow, where do you see yourself going, rather than just chasing your tail, which is what I was doing. The course, for me, was supportive, friendly, and allowed me to be creative.

Julia Ferracane

I am now attracting my ideal clients

PR Professional, RIGHTEOUS PR


I am so happy I chose to invest in Suzanne's Brand Builders Academy for so many reasons.

Being a one-person show and having no business experience I was jumping from tutorial to tutorial, podcast to podcast trying to learn what I needed to make my side hustle a full-on business.

But the way I was going it wasn't getting me anywhere and I felt lost, confused and alone.

I really wanted to be part of a community of like-minded women who would help build my confidence and knowledge in business.

I listened to Suz's podcast for a while and I absolutely loved her personality, her confidence, knowledge and just the way she delivered her information, really resonated with me. I wanted to learn her confidence and courage so I could adopt that in my own life and business.

The course was AMAZING, it was full of gold, lots of practical lessons that I could use in my business straight away. It was clear and delivered at a pace that I could understand and keep up with.

We had 2 live calls with Suzanne each week which was something I found to be very beneficial and crucial when learning something new and online. It gave me the chance to pick her brain about any of the content we were learning or get help with anything business-related. I really felt like I was in good hands with her and was very much supported through the whole process. She is very passionate about her business and helping her students get the most out of the course and is always adding additional learning opportunities. 


Suzanne's community is another amazing part of her business and I have met so many inspirational women who have helped me along the way. 


I HIGHLY recommend her community and the BBA course, it changed my business is so many positive ways.


I felt like I was in good hands

DESIGNER - Styla Prints & Design


I was at a cross roads in my business, needing new eyes to look at how to progress & the course covered all the areas I needed help. It has helped me with clarity & a new lease of life for the biz, with so many great ideas & things to think about. I would recommend to any new business owner because it's such valuable information. Joining the course will save you time & money and reduce mistakes & I feel you will have a greater direction. You also receive great support through out the process.

Sue Harries

A new lease of life for the biz

STYLIST - Between for Girls


I'd been eyeballing BBA for about a year when I decided to jump in. I'd always wanted to, but now the timing was right because I'd just finished my university degree and had the space (in head and heart!) to commit to my next learning curve. I'd been running Heard Write for the better part of 2 years by then and was ready to take the next step. I wanted to get my head around how I could improve the operational side of my business, dive into my systems and processes, and I knew I needed to get better at managing my business finances. I also wanted more clarity around how to create a better experience for my clients. BBA delivered on all this in spades. The course was fun. Seriously enjoyable! Suz is such a fountain of knowledge and you can't help but get soaking wet as you splash around with her! I got so much value from recorded content and the weekly calls, and the way in which Suz has structured everything really helps you to lean into your learning. I devoured the things I came to learn, and then picked up so much more. And on top of all that, you don't have to stress about finishing ‘in time' because you know you can come back and revisit EVERYTHING whenever you want or need.

When life is throwing you all sorts of curveballs, it's such a relief to know you'll never miss out on anything. I strongly recommend BBA for any woman who knows she wants to level up her business but isn't quite sure how to go about it. If you want a super-knowledgeable, incredibly supportive wing-woman who knows her shiz, then Suz is 100% the woman for you!

But BBA isn't just Suz – she also brings with her a (very large) pocketful of experts who can help you out in specific areas of your business, as well as a powerful army of like-minded women who are all on the same path as you, who will help you bounce ideas around until one sticks, and who will be your biggest cheerleaders as you blaze forward into your bold future.


A new lease of life for the biz