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Today on the podcast I’m sharing the 5 ways you can keep getting better in your business. I’m always focusing on how I can get better, hone my skills, simplify and amplify things on an ongoing basis.

So here are the 5 things to start focusing on today. 

1. Mindset & self-belief

  • Be someone who is super self-aware so that you can manage your mind and actively reframe
  • Have the tools you need to self-coach & breakthrough challenges
  • Understand that business is a test

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2. Goals & Habits

  • Be someone that looks at their goals regularly and really understand why you’re working towards that. 
  • What do you want out of life and business?
  • What does good look like and how can be working towards that consistently?
  • Don’t get lazy.  There will be a time when money is coming in regularly that you’ll think – Ah I’ll just hire that out, but in reality, it’s actually something you need work more on yourself before you can outsource it. Socials is that for me still. I need to know exactly what I want before I can give it to someone else and sometimes that can take time. So you have to know when to hold and hone and when let go to grow. 

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3. Financials 

  • Always be getting better with your numbers
  • I listen to people with big businesses all the time talking about money, how they make it, manage it, grow it
  • Have good financial advice around you – my account

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4. Selling:

  • Become great at what you do and then build and grow from there
  • Don’t have too many offers
  • Nail your messaging and copywriting

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5. Community & support network

Having coaches that have helped me push through and learn how to grow my business has made such a huge difference.  If you always feel like the smartest people in the room then you’re in the wrong room.  I’ve joined a mastermind recently where I am definitely not the smartest person in the room which is great because it stretches me, and I grow.  I’m willing to invest in my own growth when it comes to that.


So surround yourself with exceptional people who are challenging you to go bigger all the time! 


PODCAST EPISODE #178: 5 Ways to Keep Getting Better in Your Business



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