In this episode, we're talking about learning like you're a newbie. I've been in sales, marketing, business and branding for over 20 years, I've had my business for over 8, I've had my podcast for over 5 years now and I'm a big believer in having a simple business.

I shared this with a client the other day that I believe in simple business – that doesn't mean it's easy but you can keep it simple by focusing on the key things that matter.

So whilst I'm focusing on the simple business buckets that I talk about and teach in BBA, I'm always looking at how I can get better at those things.

You think you've nailed your copy, content and marketing the Chat GPT comes along.

You think that you're growing on Instagram then reels come along.

You think you'll never get on TikTok then you realise that actually, that's a great way to grow a new audience.

So even though you might be highly qualified and experienced, not having a big head about it and always being willing to learn new things is so important in business – because if you don't have that mindset then you can really miss out on evolving as a business owner as well as a business.

  1. Looking at the basics with fresh eyes – Next-level Lead Magnets

Starting with the basics and then going from there – obviously when we start our business, one of the first things that we're told to do is create a lead magnet. But if you've been in business for a while, like me, you'll know that having a lead magnet that actually did well was a lot easier a few years ago.

Nowadays every woman, man and child has a lead magnet, so the question is, how do you make yours stand out?

Firstly you have to see if you're lead magnet is actually working and what I mean by working is –

  1. Does it attract the type of clients you actually want to work with?
  2. Is it helping you grow your list?
  3. Is it helping you convert leads to paying clients?

So measuring it, helps.

If you're looking to create a next-level lead magnet then there are a few things to think about.

  1. Firstly what stage and level are your clients at right now in 2023?
  2. What is their biggest problem?
  3. Does your lead magnet actually speak to them and does it solve their problem?
  4. If you've shifted your brand position (which is what we talked about last week) then you may need to update your lead magent as well.
  5. So do an audit. – How good is your lead magnet and what are the stats around it?


2. Targeting audience growth & Marketing

Right now I'm looking to grow the podcast. We have about five and a half thousand downloads a month but I want to rank higher, I want to grow the audience, and I want to make the podcast one that is known.

Now I've had the podcast for 5 years but do you want to know what I searched on Youtube the other day? How to grow a podcast. Do I know how to grow a podcast – sure – but what if I learnt something new from someone else? What if out of the 10 things they share there are 2 things that I'm not doing that I could do?

Now if you're finding that yes you have a lead magnet but no it's not helping you build your leads or your list, the other thing is that so many people say to me, I have a lead magnet but no one really downloads it. When I ask how often they market it, the answer is – I don't or I did when I first had it but I don't know.


3. Building a brand in new spaces

Think about your product and service evolution, do you need to reach new audiences, do you need to build a brand with new clients?

I think one of my biggest self-sabotages is that I got comfortable – too comfortable and stopped focusing on building my brand with new audiences. I was so busy with current clients (which was great) but I had the rollercoaster dip which was a real problem. If you keep building your brand consistently then you're always attracting new people in. Now you can put that on autopilot with things like ads and evergreen funnels but that costs money, so always looking at how you're building your brand and continuing to look at the market and what you're doing with fresh eyes is so important.

4. New messaging

What does my message need to be now? It's not about changing what you want to be known for, it's about looking at how you're communicating what you do and how you do it. Looking at things with fresh eyes will help you bring your message out more.


EPS 279 – Thinking like a newbie to grow your business


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