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There are 4 types of confidence that can help you sell more.

  1. Having confidence for yourself

I've coached hundreds of women and this creeps in all the time and I get it. We might be great at what we do but all the other parts of business can feel hard, like we don't know what we're doing and we're working it out.

I've said it before and I'll say it again – we're all working it out. I may be able to take you stages of businesses I've been before but for me to keep growing from where I am, I'm working it out. – so just know that.

But because we may no have experience in specific areas of business we lack confidence in ourselves which is totally normal.

The one thing I would say about this is that the only way to keep building your own confidence is through the doing. If you don't know how to do something and you feel awkward about it or you have imposter syndrome, then just know that when you do THE THING, you'll build your skills and experience in it, you learn a lot of lessons along the way and then you know how to do it and you have some confidence.

The reason it's important that you keep building that self-confidence is because you won't show up and do the things you really want to or you won't go after the opportunity you want if you don't have that confidence.

So ask yourself – where is it in my business that I feel like I'm lacking self confidence. Don't blanket everything, be really specific.

So for example you might be a service provider or a maker. So you're super confidence or confident in your craft – you know how to write the copy, you know how to take the photos or you know how to make the pottery or jewellery. But remember when you didn't know how to do it? Remember when you were just learning that skill? Well the same goes for marketing your business, building your brand, working out how to make more sales – it's a work in progress but just know that you can make it happen, you can do it, learn it and achieve it.

Tools I use to build my self confidence:

  1. Evidence. Evidence that I've done it before and I'll do it again. I know that I'm capable of learning new things. I literally just bought a new tech that I've never use and my thought the whole time is just, one step at a time, work it out, google it and you'll get it set up and sorted.

So you will have evidence that you have done hard things before and you've figured it out. Just knowing that means that you can rely on yourself to get it done and learn something new again. To deliver to that clients even though you might be doing something new.

  1. Resources – I'm confident in my ability to do things because I know that there are an endless supply or resources that are available to me online and through my network. I don't have to do alone is my thought.
  2. Determination – I'm just determined that I will figure it out. I back myself that I'll dig myself out of the hole that I might find myself in and I'll make it happen. You had enough self-belief to get started and no you need to back yourself and say – come hell or high water I'll make this work and then you go about doing everything you can think of and then everything else to achieve the goal, learn the thing, do the thing, hit the goal.

2) Having confidence for your products and services

I shared some of this is simple sales coaching week (which you can still grab at – You have to believe that your products and services are the best. They are amazing, they are great, they give your clients the result or outcome that they are looking for.

If you don't really believe that then you won't sell what you have. If you don't really believe that what you have solves a problem then you're not going to have that conviction to sell it and let people know about it.

Now if you're at a place where you're still making it better that's okay – I feel like I've had some of products and services for years and I”m still making them better, but I will tell you that I was not 100% sure of a product a while and I didn't sell it. My actions reflected my thoughts or my thoughts delivered my actions which was Zero.

So you have to really look at the product or service and think about – how good is this? is this the best that I've got? Do I really feel passionately that I have something that people want? If I do then how can I sell this better how can I communicate that?

If you don't think it's the best then how are you going to make it the best that you can make it? what are you going to do differently?

3) Having enough confidence for your clients

I have so many clients that come to me and they know they can achieve more but they are lacking a lot of confidence. The thing I hear the most is, I've just lost confidence in myself.

So when I'm speaking to them and if I think we're a good fit then I have to have enough confidence in myself to deliver an outcome for them and I have to hold that space and have enough confidence for them too. That I believe that they can achieve this outcome even if they don't believe it right now.

So when you're communicating with your audience sometimes you have to call that out.

For example – I know you don't want to show up on video because you're self conscious, you think you don't have anything worthwhile to say and you just don't think this is for you – but I BELIEVE in you, I believe that you can do it and I can show you how to do in a simple way.

When someone else says they believe I can do it, it does absolutely boost my confidence that I can do it and that I'm capable of it.

If you can tell someone that you've helped someone similar to them achieve it then that also reinforces their confidence that you've helped someone like them, that someone like them was able to achieve the thing and that together we could be a great match to help them reach the goal.

The only way you can really get deeper into this is to understand your clients, their needs at a deep level, to speak to them, interview them, survey them and understand their problems.

When you understand your clients problem better than they understand it then that builds their confidence in you!

4) Having confidence in your future thinking and ability to evolve and create

This is a really personal one for me, because I definitely went to a place where I thought – well I don't have any new thoughts to share and that thought in itself kept me stuck in one place for a long time.

The thing is that when you tell yourself that you have so much more to give that you have so much more to create, that your ideas are endless and abundant, that's exactly what will happen.

If you think that this is it, then your brain will stop giving you great ideas and thought leadership – so when you see yourself in the future, I want you to really believe that you're only getting started and that this is just the beginning. I want you to know that you can take what you're doing as far as you want to take it, that you have the skills, you have the knowledge and you have the determination and creativity to do it all.

It's only when we believe in our current selves and then our future selves that we can keep making big things happen.

EPS 276 – The 4 types of confidence to build in your business


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