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This week on the podcast I'm talking about some of the things that I've gotten clear on AGAIN and I say again because I've been here before and some of the things that we're doing to keep building a lean and clean business.


The first thing to do is tap into how your business feels

The first thing I want to ask is how does your business feel?

Does it feel easy, does it feel simple, does it feel streamlined?

Does it feel like you know what's going on and you know how to affect what's happening in your business?

So for me – years ago I had a few things and had to do a big cleanup. Now I don't have a lot of things now but I have bits and pieces.

Then start thinking about how you can clean your business up

What needs to stay, go, be updated or upgrades or outsourced?

Things like tech clean up and subscription clean up

I have a lot of opt-ins at the moment and it's about having 1 that works exceptionally well, attract and converts

Understanding the stats and metrics of everything and having clear intentions on what you're actually aiming for.


There are 5 things that I think are worth looking at right now in your business.

1. Email Clean out

We're doing a big email list cleanout so that we're not paying for people who have unsubscribed or aren't interested/engaged.  The thought I have around this is that I was to communicate with YOU my lovely – the person reading my message and connecting. Don't hang onto vanity metrics when it's costing you money!

What you can do: Make sure that you delete anyone who has unsubscribed, unconfirmed or has a bounced email address (the wrong email address).

If you don't then you could be paying to have people on your email list who have are not engaged.

You can also send out an engagement campaign (which we'll be doing) which basically means that for anyone who hasn't opened an email in the last 60-90 days, we'll say “Hey do you want to stay? Click here if you do”.

If you're reading this email – obviously you won't be getting that email 😊

2. Consolidate Offers

I'll be rolling our smaller self-paced courses into our bigger ones so that there are just 2 main programs BBA & Amplify, so I'll be taking those off the website in the next month or two including the Bold Speakers Collective, Courageously You and the Podcast Brand plan. (Get them now if you're interested!)


What you can do:

Do a product and service tidy-up.  Are you still selling everything you have on your website?

Can you get rid of offers, products or services that you're not selling or focusing on anymore?


When you have too many things for your clients to choose from it can send them into offer indecision – it's like when you want to watch something on Netflix, can't decision so just turn the TV off!  You don't want your customers doing that.


3. Lead gen/opt-in review and update. 

I've had my lead magnets for some time and it's time to give them an upgrade and test out some new strategies and then measure how they go.  (Don't worry I'll be sure to share them!)


What you can do:

Think about – Do you have an opt-in or lead magnet to grow your list?

Does it work?

Is it attracting the right people?

Is your email sequence then converting or nurturing those new leads?


Spend time working out if it's working for you. If it's not then ask yourself, am I actually sharing this or did I just share it that one time on a Tuesday and never again!


4. Understanding your Numbers

My VA is setting up a full stats/data spreadsheet for us to see what works and what doesn't in more detail. I know that when we do this then we can keep improving what we have and making it better.


What you can do:

Running your business with a CEO mindset means you know what's happening in the business – that included metrics, money, stats and numbers.

Numbers like website visitors, conversion rates and P&L just to name 3.

5. Client insights

I'm interviewing a number of clients to get more insight and feedback on our products so that we can keep making them better as well – plus it helps really understand the problem I'm solving right now in 2023.

What you can do: When was the last time to spoke to one of your clients or customers and got feedback from them? It's worth doing on a regular basis I think and can just be in general conversation.  It doesn't always have to be formal but if you are looking for specific feedback then a formal conversation with specific questions works really well.

If you've been looking to do a clean-up in your biz, I think these 5 things are actually worth looking at in every business, so feel free to borrow them for your Spring Cleaning List if you like.

When you want to grow, it's about taking things off your list rather than adding to it.

A business that is heavy, unorganised and cluttered moves slowly, feels hard & takes up way more energy than you want to give.

A business that is lean can move quickly, be fixed quickly and can scale & grow with less friction.

What type of business do you have right now, heavy or lean?

EPS 275 – Building a Lean & Clean Business



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