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So you’ve done it. 

You’ve identified what you think your clients really need. 

You’ve built the program. 

You’ve done the sales page and you’ve put it out into the world. 

You’ve shared it with everyone and anyone – right? And you’re ready for all the amazing clients to come in. 


What happened?

What went wrong?

Well before we dive into the ins and out of selling a group program, I just want you to know out of the gate…I’ve been there. 

Even after having several successful group programs (a membership, an online course with group coaching and even a mastermind), I launched and yep you guessed it…


So what went wrong?

Well, I’m going to be honest with you.  As I was launching and sharing the content that I had created I could feel that something was off – like the message wasn’t connecting with me or my clients. 

Even though I could sense that it was off, I just keep pushing forward.  I had over 78 people apply for the mastermind and 65 were accepted but when I did the training that first time around, I had 1 person say that they wanted to join. 

WOWZER! Talk about a punch in the guts. 

Now here’s the thing, (which I shared in a 90-minute masterclass that you can check out HERE which was titled – From Burnt out Creative to Thriving Group Program creator) I could face defeat and say, “well that didn’t work”, or I could go with my gut and fix the issue and go again. 

So I relooked at the name of the program, the message, the problem I was solving, how I was talking about it and decided what I would change. 

The name wasn’t working for me – Brand Leaders Lounge, then Brand Leaders Accelerator….. hmm still not right. 

When I thought about what I wanted to support my clients to do it was to Amplify their message and their personal brand so they can grow their business and support their clients through group programs.  

So Amplify Mastermind it was. That’s one decision made. 

The next thing was the message.  I went back and thought about what hadn’t really landed for me.  I think I was making it too complicated. I just needed to pair it back, share an overview of what I was going to teach and support my clients to achieve, talk about all the mistakes and myths and then make the offer. 

I knew this program was going to be great. I was putting everything I had done that had made my previous group programs successful and so I was all in.  

I was super passionate and I just had to nail that message. 

So I dusted myself off, put on my new pair of messaging boots and we went back for round 2!

We had a solid number of applications, I did my masterclass again and this time did $45k plus a few clients who weren’t quite ready for the mastermind went into my other program. 

Now for a group program, this is respectable but it’s not massive when it comes to revenue, but that’s the thing – you have to start somewhere. 

I think so many people hear about the millions of dollars you can make with group programs – and yes you can, my business has clocked over a million with my programs but I started with 4 in my very first program at $250 ahead.  Then I change the program and sold 6, then I hold 10, then I said I was going to launch and I didn’t launch. Then I sold 15….you get the point. 

I had failed launches and I’ve had over $100k months – it doesn’t actually matter, what matters is that you keep going and you work it out. 

Imagine if Edison gave up the first time the light bulb didn’t work or if Elon Musk didn’t get his Teslar to work first time around. 

So back to the Mastermind. As the mastermind was on evergreen, the great thing is that after the live launch I continued to get applications.  If they were approved based on our selection criteria then they would get the automated training I had run and they could join and people continue to join on a regular basis.  

My favorite thing is to wake up to a notification that someone joined whilst I was asleep or hanging with the family. But it didn’t start like that. It’s taken time and work and I’m totally okay with that.  

Whether you’re just starting out or if you’re a veteran like me, the one thing you have to be as a program creator and I actually think that this goes for any business owner, you have to be someone who pushes forward and works out the kinks and the things that aren’t working.  

If you love what you’ve created and you want to share it then you have to be the problem solver, ideally without all the emotion and self-loathing!

From my experience, in order to sell a group program, there are 5 things you need

1. Unique positioning of your program. 

Why is it different and how are you different in the way you offer it?  I see a lot of programs out there and I love to see what's different about this program? What is it that will be say – wow that's such a great angle that they've taken. As I always say to my clients, you can't compete on tactics, you can only compete on thought leadership. It's your unique perspective and that positions your program in a different way. So think about what your thought leadership is and what you're unique positioning will be for your program.

2. Visible & Credible. 

I know, I know – you hear it all the time! BE VISIBLE! But at the end of the day, how did you find out about the people that you've purchased from? Yep… you found them somehow. Whether you like it or not you need to be visible so that you can grow your audience and your reputation.

That's why I bang on about personal branding all the time. It's about how you stand out in the market. 

Now before you say, “But Suz I don't dance in reels”, I do want to point out here is that my coach who is about $7-10m a year doesn't really use social media.

She does use it for ads but she's not on social media, which totally fascinates me because I think we all think we have to be (all the time). But there are other ways. Right now social media is an easier option but just know that you can build your visibility in lots of different ways – it's time to get creative.

3. A super clear message that lands

Reality: If you're being visible and still not selling, then your message is off. I'm just going to say it so that I save you a whole lotta time here. When you're message is on point and works – people buy.

This message has to speak to a much bigger problem. Don’t give me something basic that speaks to the functionality of your program, speak to the big desire I have so that it’s highly desirable. What is this program going to give them at the end of the day in their life? Yep, I told you it was big.

What is it that they really want? What do they need right now – this month – this year, that is relevant to them? So often because we spend so much time in the detail we think that's what we need to share and you will get a point where you do need to share it, but that's going to be in the final stages of the conversation.

The other thing about having a super clear message is that you may have to try out 100 different messages before you land on the one that REALLY works. I have run a lot of webinars and workshops and I can easily tell the ones that land and the ones that don't. So when I do one that doesn't land then I either tweak it or write a new one. When you find the one that lands then you use it over and over again because …well it works! Works = clients respond and buy because you're speaking directly to their deep desire and need.

4. You have to love it and 100% believe in it. 

If you don’t then you won’t sell it with the passion you need to. I’m not going to lie, I sell my stuff ALL THE TIME.  I sell it through my story, my everyday activities, my conversation, through my writing (e.g. come and apply for Amplify] and I’ll support you to grow your group program!) – see! 

When you love it and you believe in it, you won’t ever feel awkward about talking about it.  It might take a little time for you to nail it but it’s like having the most amazing thing that you know will help your client and keeping quiet about it! 

Crazy right?

When it comes to your believing in it, then one thing I will mention here is that managing your mind during a launch is a MASSIVE (like really massive) part of the process. So often program creators will let the negativity of ‘this isn’t going to work’, ‘no one will buy’, ‘I just won’t send that email’ creep in.

You have to work to eliminate as much of that as you possibly can. You have to be ON. All in. Committed and determined!

5. Tenacity & unwavering determination

if it didn’t work the first time, what are you going to do about it?

How are you going to test something new?

How are you going to give it another go and try something else?

How are you going to identify the problem?

Remember you have to be the problem solver and keep going until it works. That might take one time, it might take ten times, but if you love it and you believe in it and you know that it’s good then don’t give up!

There are a lot of process and technical things you can do but that’s not what I wanted to share in this blog.  I wanted to encourage you to keep going. To keep moving forward and keep believing that it’s possible for you.  

I have failed so many times in so many ways and I wear it as a badge of honor because if I hadn’t failed, I wouldn’t have learned how to be better, how to be stubborn when it comes to my own success and the success of my clients. 

So there you go, I’m a million-dollar failing and stubborn success. Hip hip hoorah! 

Now it’s time for you to be as well. 

If you have any questions then you can send me a direct message at Suzchadwick on Instagram. Always happy to respond!

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