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Have you been wondering how you can use Instagram stories to market your business and build your brand?  Today I'm chatting with Bianká Velevska an event planner, marketer and social media manager based in Melbourne who also works for the iconic stationery brand Mi Goals.

We’re loving Insta stories and how you can use it to connect with your audience more. As you know, I always say – video is where it’s at and instastories is such a great way to have some fun and get some practice in a more informal platform. So if you want to use video more, have fun, connect with your audience and share more in the moment and behind the scenes, then this one is for you.

1) Don’t overthink it

Insta stories is great to use to show behind the scenes, so that your audience and others can get to know you more.  Think about what you love seeing from other people and then work out how you can showcase what's happening in your life, business, what tips and tricks you might be able to share.  Showcasing your personality is what's going to attract your tribe.  People who love what you're about, how you go about your business and at the end of the day, if they can see themselves working with you.

2) Take the opportunity to weave marketing messages into your stories

If you find marketing yourself hard then insta stories is a great way to do the humble brag.  Share exciting news about new clients, projects and show your products and services where possible.  It's all about telling the right stories (no pun intended) so that you can take people on the journey with you.  Think about what's coming up in your business – share why you’re doing something, who it could be for and what benefit people will get out of it.  I'll do a lot of general stories and then there will be a direct one saying – “make sure you book in for X” so that it's super clear what I want people to do.

3)  Show and tell

I was giving the example of the #girlboss from Kenzie Collective showing us her workshop room the other night on insta stories.  She was showing us all the packages she had to mail out, what the orders looked like as well showing us the earrings and then doing a shout out to the person who purchased the earring, saying – “hey Kate here are your watermellon earrings, they are going in the post today”.  As a customer (I don't know about you) but I'd be pretty excited if I saw her posting my item – yay! Don't under estimate the power of showing people what you're doing and your products and services.  People like see what's on offer!

4) Use Polls to engage your audience 

Using things like Polls in your stories (go to stickers to access this) means that you can ask your audience their opinions and also to engage with you directly.  Actually getting people to respond to something is going to get them used to interacting with you. Asking them opinions on products, colours, services, fun things – etc is always worthwhile.

5) Get ideas from other stories

Not sure what to story about?? Use ‘30-day challenge’ style prompts to increase your confidence and give yourself a reason or “permission” to post.  Things like

  • where the business is going
  • what you're working on at the moment
  • what are your plans are for 2018
  • how you're feeling about it all
  • what some of the feedback from client's have been
  • how your planning for next year or what is going to be hey for you.
  • re intro yourself for people who don't know you
  • think about what you're the expert or knowledgeable in and what you can share with them.
  • share wins and insights
  • share where you are, events, parties, shops, what you bought.

Just have fun with it. You don't have to do it all the time but just getting used to sharing will make it easier.

6) Instagram Highlights

So instagrams highlight feature just came in recently and it's a great way to introduce people to your you and your brand.  When it came out there were a few quick things that I did.

  1. I did a quick Hi, thanks for being here, I'm Suzanne Chadwick
  2. I'm just sending out my subscriber newsletter – this is what it looks like
  3. If you want to sign up then head over here
  4. the some fun things that showed my personality as well as showcasing a few corporate client sites that recently went live that I had worked on.

If you watch the video there are even more tips but at the end of the day think of it as a quick conversation and sharing between you and your audience.  It doesn't have to be serious it can just be ‘check this out' type content.  People love it and it will help you build your brand and attract more clients!

How to use Instagram stories to market your business & build your brand




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