Today we're having an honest conversation about business. Some people might disagree but this is something that I've found to be true for me being in the business, brand and sales world for over 25 years.

The harder you work, the more success you can have.

So often we get into business and we see other people doing it and it seems easy. You start a business and you show up online and then you get customers. Then you get into business and you realise that it's not that easy.

I was thinking about this recently when I was reflecting on a few clients that I've worked with this year and it's neither good nor bad, it's just an observation and I'm going to say it's an observation on my own business as well. It's what I'm calling the Levels of Strategic Action to Results Measure or SAR Measure.

But before I share the SAR Measures or levels that I see after working with and coaching people for over 20 years, there is a story that I hear Alex Harmosi share.

He said that when he was starting his business, he had a mentor and the mentor told him to put flyers out to get the name of his gym out there. So Alex went and printed 300 flyers and distributed them and nothing really happened. He called his mentor and say – this doesn't work, and his mentor said what did you do. He told him – I've put out 300 flyers. His mentor said you test with 5000 then you put out 5000 a day after that or 150,000 flyers a month.

Alex said- I realised that I may have been doing the right thing all along, I was just doing too little of it. We do things for too short, too little and not enough time and wonder why something isn't working and that's where the Strategic Action Levels come in.

So let's break it down and this is going to be dependent on your business, what you do, the uniqueness of it, but I still think that these are 90% of the time true.

Level 0 – The hobby or doing it just for fun – Your business is a bicycle

  1. This could be a hobby
  2. A side hustle that's just for fun
  3. You're making a bit of money and happy with that.


Level 1 – The Slow Burn – You're driving a 2nd hand everyman brand car

  1. You have some sales coming in but you're still trying to work out your sales process
  2. You might be in your business full-time, but you're just ticking along and just getting started
  3. You're going from $0 – $50/$80k.
  4. It's paying the bills and you might be paying yourself a bit but it feels tight.
  5. You're trying to manage your mind because you didn't realise it was going to be this hard and that you were going to have to learn so many new things
  6. You potentially can't afford support right now, but you would love to have some help.
  7. You're learning how to manage your money in the best way but still trying to work it out.

Level 2 – The Flow – You're driving a luxury brand but it's an older model

  1. The mid-range action taker – you're consistent and it's going well but not everything is the way you want – still things to fix and set up
  2. You might be hitting $100-$250k
  3. You're full-time in your business, you're busy doing some of the key things.
  4. You've got solid foundations and clients coming to you but
  5. You know that you could be making things better, and more efficient but you haven't focused on fixing those problems or it's on the to-do list.

Level 3 – The Pro – You're driving a luxury brand car current model

  1. You're at the $300-$900k level
  2. You're in flow and you know exactly what needs to happen and when.
  3. Your business is doing what you want it to do, you have great systems
  4. You have a team and strategies in place and you're sharing content regularly that is getting you the clients that you want.
  5. You have funnels in place that are working for you
  6. You understand and have a full view of your metrics so that you can make informed decisions
  7. You have a brand, marketing, and sales strategy and you're working with those with a clear growth plan
  8. Now it's about scaling in a bigger way and handing things over to others who do it better while you build and grow your brand.

Level 4 – The Power Player – You have a driver or a private jet (Alex Harmozi/Amy Porterfield level)

You are the talent and you have a team that runs your business for you with you leading the charge.

Let me know if this resonates with you and which level you're at and what level you want to get to.

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