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Are you tired of not being as productive as you would like to be?

That's one of the most common things I hear from my community and clients.

They feel like they get in their own way, overthink things, and are scared to implement and do the work that will make a big difference.

Today we're talking about how you can become a Super-doer.

I talk about being a super implementor but I thought super doer was a little more catchy and to be honest it's what I want to help you and my clients to be able to become.

I think one of the worst things in business is for us to get in our way and if we can learn to create more productive environment for ourselves it can make a big difference.

So as we start to plan for the next 12 months or even if you're planning for the next 90 days here is how you're going to turn yourself into a super-doer.


1. Be honest about your capacity.

If you were to be honest when you look at your week and let's start with a day – how productive are you? If you work a 6-8 hour day or maybe longer, how many of those hours do you think you're productive? Now this isn't about being productive 100% of the time because we all need downtime and breaks etc, but I also think that we can be really honest with ourselves about whether we're fluffing around or we're doing the work that matters. The work that will help us achieve our big goals.

So we're starting with a mirror moment. If you were to track your activities for a day and then a week to see how productive you are – what would you see? You might already be able to see this by looking at your diary if you're a lock it and block it person like me. Even when I'm doing my own work, I'll block that time in diary my diary to write the sales page or the emails etc. I don't record everything but I can tell by the end of the day if I worked to what I'm capable of.

Also when you think of your capacity and capability everyone is going to be different. When I started my career I worked in a high-volume environment meaning we would do a lot in a day. When I worked at Deloitte I was managing over 300 candidates at any one time, managing senior partners and leaders, reporting, interviewing and a whole lot more, so I know what my capacity levels are. I know what I'm capable of. Now do I want to work like that, hell no – but I know what I could do if I wanted to. You need to know your capability and capacity level and think about what it NEEDS to be to reach the goals you really want.

2. Set clear goals and powerful plans

We're currently working through business strategy in Bold Business Academy which I love because it's all about setting your big goals for the coming month. We look at what products and services you have, how much you're charging for them, what that means re cash flow in your business and what you're going after.

Now in order for me to become a super-doer, I need to know what I'm doing right? I need to know what I'm going after. I need to know what strategies I'm following and what I'm trying to achieve. So you feel like you're not productive, it might be a direction and plan problem rather than a ‘you not wanting to do the work' issue.

One thing that I hear from clients a lot when they first come to me is – I just don't know what to do.

Key things to have in place are your brand strategy – how you'll become known and what you want to be known for in the simplest terms.

Your business strategy – what you're selling, how much it is, how you're going to build revenue and manage the business for the next 3-6-12 months.

Your marketing & sales strategy – what you're going to market, when you're going to market it, how your sales are going to be coming into the business and the strategies, time frame and spending around all of that.

When you spend the time planning and understanding what you're doing and why you're doing it then it becomes easier to get the work done because you actually know what you working towards and what you want to do.

3. Decide to become a Super-doer

If I was going to become a runner, I would start running. I would understand how to start running a block, then 2 blocks then 1 km, then 3 km – you get the picture. I'd find out which runners were best for me and I'd find out the best way to breathe for maximum endurance at my level of running.

The same goes with anything including becoming super productive.

When you look at your day how does it run? You might start your day off having no idea what you're going to do so then you faff about for 30 minutes or more trying to work it out.

Then you might scroll on social media for a while to see what's happening, then you might go get a coffee and reply to some emails. It's now 12 pm, you've faffed, got a coffee, scrolled and checked your email – not so productive hey?

So now it's time to decide what a super doer or let's just start at doer status – we'll build to super-doer. Someone who might be productive (and yes everyone is different, so this is a guide) may start out with a coffee as they get to their desk. Their diary is already planned out with what is on today's agenda. You could check in on your emails and give yourself 5-10 minutes to deal with anything urgent. You then close your emails off if you're a constant checker. You could post in the morning or maybe you've already scheduled. If you want to spend 5-10 min on socials catching up because you know, we like a bit of fun then that's okay. I like to check my socials when I'm making my coffee just as a little tip then I'll check back at lunchtime when I take a break. Once I'm at my desk with the day planned out, I will make sure that I have 1-2 key things that have to get done today and write them in my notebook…I still love to write things done and then the only tabs I have open are the ones that I need to complete the task.

I don't have 50 million tabs open. I don't have my socials open. I don't have my emails open.

You get to decide how you run your day. You get to decide the times that you book clients or take meetings.

If you can work out what your main distractors are and eliminate or manage them, you'll get 100xs more work done – that is a fact!

4. Surround yourself with other productive peeps:

This morning before recording this podcast I went and had a planning breakfast with a biz girlfriend. When you're around other people who are get it done it spurs you to do the same. I want to be around super-doers and it's not to say that we all don't get stuck sometimes or we have our unproductive moments – we're human, but if 70 or 80% of the time you can be a super-doer, just imagine what you could achieve!!

I have a group chat with other online business owners and when we chat it's about new tech or something that's happening in our space so it's really helpful and informative, plus supportive. If you can be a group then it makes a big difference.

For me one of the things that I'm going to make Amplify more in-person because I know the power of a higher-level community.

Curating that kind of community is something I've always been passionate about whether it's for myself or my community. If you've been around here for a while you'll know that I always say I'm a business & mindset coach for doers – for people who want to get out of their own way – if you want to be a high performer in business then working on building up your productivity levels is important if it's not something you naturally do.

5. Join Club Done

Yep, I'm going to be your new accountability buddy. Club Done is a new membership that I've created for seasoned business owners who don't need to learn more, you don't need more lessons or content, you need to plan, execute and have a community that you feel accountable to.

One thing I heard when I was launching BBA were some of my community who have either been through BBA or who are beyond the foundations who wanted to work with me to get more done. So this feels like a great place to start.

So if you want to become a super-doer and get it done then come and join me now. You can check out all the details at

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