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On the 14th of September to the 17th of September, Dr. Marion Piper and I attended Unleash the Power Within with Tony Robbins, live in Sydney Australia.

It was an incredible event with so many lessons learned and we wanted to bring you this fireside chat to share some of those lessons.

Reflecting on the experience, even just for this podcast, has yielded so much already. THERE'S SO MUCH.

Okay, here we go….

Why you went? What you want more of right now:

Marion: I went because I did UPW in lockdown in 2020 and promised myself I would go. But also because I know how powerful full immersion is for learning and have been feeling like I've lost some of the magic lately. I want more opportunities and possibilities in my life, so I knew Tony would remind me that I can achieve anything I want!

Suz: For me, I had a knowing.  I wasn't really sure why I booked, I just knew that I needed a jolt in my business and life. It's so easy for things to just tick along and you get into doing the same thing over and over again.


Biggest takeaways from the events:

Marion: An extraordinary life doesn't just happen… YOU HAVE TO CREATE IT YOURSELF! And it's yours for the taking if you're willing to let go of all the BS (belief systems) that hold you back!

Suz: To Decide – You have to decide to do something. When you're half in and half out, you're out.  I will love my body strong, I will show up and go after the business & life I want, I will pursue opportunities and relationships that light me up.  Not…I really want to, or I wish I could (passive)- but I will and I MUST


We started with an exercise called extraordinary life – what came through for you doing this?

Marion: A creative life, a life on my own terms, deeper connections with my friends and family, work that made an impact, a life partner that challenges and supports me. Participating in bigger cultural conversations that change the way we think and feel. My words inspire people to feel their pain and transmute it into something purposeful!

Suz: Making today count came through in a big way for me. Showing up today and making it happen.  We live in the future so much – that goal I'm going for, that thing I'm going after, but what can I do today?    Playing all out


6 human needs – what did you discover about yourself as we worked through these?

The 6 human needs are – Certainty, Uncertainty/variety, Significance, Connection/Love, Contribution, and Growth.

Marion: Oh man, haha, uncertainty and significance are my top two. They have been powered by my beliefs and have brought so many amazing things into my life, but I'm in a different chapter now and need different things: I need growth (constant improvement and expansion) and contribution (to build, give and be part of the community).

Suz: I had no idea how much I had leaned into certainty over the last few years and I wondered why my life felt boring. So I know that I need to shift from 70% certainly/ 30% uncertainty to 30-40% certainly and 60% variety in order to get more fun back in my life.  Significance is also one for me and I want to shift that to contribution in a big way.


We went through a lot of exercises and frameworks, what would you say are your top 5 things that you're committing to or adopting? 

1. Energy:

Marion: It's the basis of everything and starts in the body. Focusing on building good energy daily is now my main priority!

Suz: Yes I'm the same. I'm a huge believer in “the energy you put out is the energy that is received”. So I loved “Make Your Move” – it's like a daily call to arms.

I'm also listening to music that hypes me up and gets me in a good mood. When things have been challenging, instead of staying in the negative feeling, I'm trying to pull myself out of it more and smile, listen to music, and be grateful for something – because you can't be mad or sad when you're in gratitude. That was a big one for me.

Also, Charisma is being in a beautiful state. He talks about 2 states – beautiful state – high energy, peak state and then suffering – low energy state.

2. Meaning and emotions:

Marion: Understanding what they are and how to process them on an even deeper level than before. Using them as fuel for my goals, particularly curiosity and determination!

Suz: Patterns – everything that we do and the results we get are based on our patterns.  So what are my patterns? What are the things that I do all the time that don't serve me? What pattern do I need to change?

Our beliefs become self-fulfilling.  If you think you can, you can, if you think you can't, you can't.

3. Focus on the WHO not the HOW:

Marion: Rather than asking ‘how' to do something (which drops us into uncertainty), I'll ask ‘Who has done it before that I can model' or ‘who can help me'.

Suz: Big YES from me on this one too. I've just thinking a lot about this. Who do I love on TikTok that I can learn from? What else do I want to do and how do I find someone who is great at that?

4. Execution > Knowledge:

Marion: Once I know what I want, taking massive action is one of the most important things. Also complexity is the enemy of execution – make it simple.

Suz: Clarity – we often don't get what we want because we're not clear on what we want.

5. Change your approach:

Marion: Keep changing it until I get what I want, rather than doubting or questioning MYSELF.

Suz: Yep, there is always another way – there is no point where I've tried it all and that's it.

EPS 303 – Fireside chat and lessons learned with Tony Robbins at UPW with Dr Marion Piper


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