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This week we're talking about the hottest new social platform – Instagram Threads

In this episode, I'm sharing my reflections of the last week and how Threads has exploded onto the scene now with over 90 million users.

I'm sharing:

  1. What Threads is
  2. The do's and don't as I see them right now (which is most likely change)
  3. The opportunity for you as a business owner
  4. How to think about it without it becoming another thing you feel overwhelmed about!

I'd love to know your thoughts if you're using it too.

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As most of you will probably know, Instagram dropped a new platform last week.

I'm not here to tell you what to do or how to use it because it's been less than a week but I wanted to share thoughts and reflections.

So let's look at what it is and the week in reflection.

What is Threads?

Threads is an app from Instagram where you can post threads, reply to others and follow profiles you're interested in. Threads and replies can include short pieces of text, links, photos, videos or any combination of them. People can also follow you to see your threads and replies in their feed and from your profile.

On the weekend it was at 90 million users. Gary Vee was saying it's the first time a platform has taken its already massive user base and moved it over to a new platform which is why the adoption has been so huge and seamless.

When you go to you can copy your current Instagram across so your user name, profile and followers.

At first glance:

On day one of threads it was pretty hectic. It has the same look and feel as Twitter with a constant stream of comments. I used to use Twitter a million years ago so it felt familiar and easy.

You don't have to create a Canva image or create videos, it's just snippets of thoughts or you can ask questions, and join in other people's conversations, so it's super easy to get started.

Right now the do's and don't (in my opinion):


  1. Say hi and go and find your fav people and have chats.
  2. You don't always have to be the one coming up with the conversation, you can join other people's conversations.
  3. Find your community. It's been great to see artists and designers find one another and have conversations that are very niche to their space.
  4. Have fun and don't overthink it.
  5. Feel free to call out who you want to connect with. So I've seen – If you're an artist introduce yourself here and let's connect type posts.
  6. I joined the Kajabi feed and said hi because they were doing a Kajabi call-out.
  7. You don't have to be funny – you do you.

Don'ts right now but this will most likely change:

  1. Hard core market yourself.
  2. Pretend to be an expert or guru, it doesn't go down well.
  3. Have a go and play and see how it feels.
  4. Have any expectations. It could be here for a good time or a long time – it doesn't really matter. As I shared, I met some amazing people on Clubhouse and I was only on there for 9 months or so. Threads could be the next big thing or it could be a flash in the pan. Don't overthink it.
  5. Don't be tone-deaf, read the room. I think with any platform it's good to check out the culture. Like I said the culture might change but right now it's high vibes and fun interactions.
  6. Don't post to threads what you post to other platforms, people can tell really quickly if you do that it just doesn't go down well.

The potential opportunity:

  • I think the potential opportunity is a brand personality one. Threads can be a place for you to share your brand personality, thought leadership, and thoughts in general. Personally, I'm thinking about it a bit like the written version of IG stories. It's a behind-the-brand approach.
  • What am I up to, what am I reading, listening to, thinking about.
  • Who am I having great conversations with?
  • I've been really open to discovering new people and following new people on Threads in the last few days plus having conversations with people I already know.
  • The thing is that on TikTok it feels like you have to teach, on Instagram it's a bit the same but more curated. On Threads it feels more chilled.
  • It's not really a place to sell right now – it's actually discouraged. I think people are bit tired of everything being a marketing tool.
  • Saying that, I actually think this is where your personal brand will sell for you without you having to overtly sell.
  • A way to think about it could be – how does this fit into your content ecosystem?
  • TikTok is a video teaching and engagement platform and great for new people to discover you.
  • Instagram can be visual teaching and for people to get to know you. It's also a great place to sell.
  • Threads is for showcasing your brand personality, your sense of humor or things that interest you and I think it's a great place to build community and connection.

Alternattime.chelsea shared something that stood out to me which was:

  1. Some of the ‘experts' we all follow have no idea how to human.
  2. Some of the humans I know are even more incredible and funny than I thought.
  3. Marketing on this app will be really difficult if human connection is not your wheelhouse.

and I thought that kind of summed it up really well.

So whilst we're still in the early days I wanted to share my thoughts with you. I don't have an opinion about whether you should use it or not as I know people get overwhelmed with these things but I think the one question to ask yourself is do you feel connected, do you feel like there is somewhere that you can have deeper conversations and connections?

I don't find LinkedIn very exciting or a place where you can get to know someone.

I find TikTok entertaining but there are a lot of people telling you want to do.

Instagram is curated so I think there is a place for a more conversation lead app or place and this could be it.

Who knows where it'll go, but I think the main thing is to follow your gut and see what feels good for you.

EPS 292 – Instagram Threads – thoughts



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