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When it comes to having an active sales strategy there are 4 things that you can think about.

Sales goals

  • As with any business strategy you want to set a goal for how much you want to make
  • From that you can then see how many clients you would need to secure based on the products and services you have an the price of those products and services.
  • Also understanding your conversion rate. So how many people need to come to your sales page or how many people do you need to speak to in order to convert a conversation or prospect into a client.
  • Breaking down your sales goals into 12 month and then quaterly helps you track what's working and what isn't so that you can make changes as and when you need to.

Generating Leads

Once you know what your goals are then you need to think about where your clients are coming from.


  • Simple things you can do is to have a simple question on each check out page or that you ask when someone becomes a client – where did you find me. Once you know where they came from you can start to double down on the channels that are working for you. If you know that a particular channel is working well then you need to think about – is there a way to capture more leads from this and is there a way for me grow this as a sales channel. For example, the podcast is one of our client sources so we have a focus on growing our podcast auidence.

Setting activity targets & goals for yourself.

  • Some people will love this and others will hate it. But when I was in sales the basic rule was – the more people you speak to the more sales you make. The more relationships you build, the more sales you make. So think about where you hang out the most or where your clients hang out the most –
  • For some clients, we set up goals for them like – connecting with 2 people a day on LinkedIn who are decision-makers for what you do. Just say hi and let them know that you're wanting to build your network.
  • so that could be Instagram and connect with more people who engage with you. Things like saying hi to new followers or messaging people who engage with you and having a goal of how many people you connect with.
  • Going to networking events and connecting with 3 new people
  • I think the online space has made us a bit lazy where

List building & MEMOs

  • Obviously if you're an online business then list building is just one of the things that we do to build our relationship with our subscriber community, but using your emails to understand what your clients are drawn to can be a really easy way to make offers to the right people at the right time.
  • The other thing I talk about in BBA are MEMOs – which are monthly energised marketing offers which are basically looking at what you're doing on a regular basis to attract new prospects as well as build a deeper relationships with the people who already know you.

Action Sales Conversations 

  • Once you know what your goals are and then you have a process for get more leads into your business then having a sales & conversation process is important.
  • Things like – client conversation, understanding their need, offering to have a call with them and then based on what they need make the offer to work with them in the relevant way.
  • You can have an automated sales sequence as well which most people will be familiar with, which could be an opt in or download or masterclass that leads to a special offer. What people are doing more now is taking those leads into the DM chat to see how they went with it so that you have an actual conversation.
  • So think about, do I know what my process is for taking a lead through to a sale and if you don't then what could those steps be?

The Close

  • When someone is ready to buy, what's the process then?
  • I used to have a CRM that would send the quote, they would accept it and then they would automatically get the contract, the invoice and the onboarding information.
  • Now we use Kajabi so with my 1 on1 coaching clients they can checkout through my coaching product in Kajabi, they then get an email with the contract, all their login information and then their link to book all of their coaching calls for the next 3 months so that it's in the diary. They also get access to a few other things like the private client podcast.
  • Really thinking about your close and buying experience is so important because obviously delivering is part of the sales process

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