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This week we're talking about how to find and hire the right business coach.

Contrary to what you might think, I actually don't think that every client who comes to me is right for me or that I'm right for them. And the first tip before we even dive in is to find a coach that thinks that way too.

1. Find someone who you resonate with

What they say you understand, you like, it challenges you, it helps you understand things better.

2. What's their philosophy

I had a coach who taught me a lot but her philosophy was no sales calls. Now while I don't want to be doing sales calls all the time I actually don't mind it and for 1 on 1 client it's a must. So make sure that the coach you are thinking about working with aligns with how you like to work as well.

For me, I believe in being visible and building a personal brand, so if that's not something you're willing or want to do then I'm not the coach for you. Being clear on what you're willing to do is important. Now if you're scared to do it but with the guidance and help of someone you would be give it a go then that's different.

3. Get referrals & Spend time checking out their testimonials and credibility.

I'm totally okay with someone saying to me, what's your background, what have you done in your business, what's been your biggest challenge, etc. It's a 2-way street, where the coach is working out if you're right for them and they can help you or if they're right for you as a coach.

For me I was in sales for 15 years, built a brand agency, have been coaching and mentoring other women for most of my career and I'm a certified mindset and life coach including NLP, Hypnosis, neuro rewiring. Now that may appeal to some people and not to others. I've also worked in the consulting world and I get entrepreneurship and corporate consulting and some clients like mix.

4. Come with questions.

What do you want to get out of this? What would success look like to you? How do you like to be communicated with? What goals have you got in the next 3-6 months?
What challenges do you have that you could share?

You can't expect the person you're considering working with to read your mind and understand what's going on.

5. Understand the Logistics of coaching with this person

Understand when they can see you and make sure it works for you. Time zones are a big things as well. I've mainly worked with US-based coaches and it's been super challenging at times, so you have to make sure that it fits with your life as well. I have heard coaches say – well you'll just make it happen if you want to work with them and I agree and disagree with this. I was willing to get up on a Saturday morning at 6 am every week to see my coach. But that wasn't a deal breaker for me. If it was 3 am it would have been.

6. Understanding what YOU'RE responsible for in the coaching relationships.

I've had clients who have not gotten the results because they didn't do the work. They didn't show up for themselves and so you can't expect that just because you hire a coach that the whole responsibility of your success sits on their shoulders.

Yes you want someone who can guide you and give you a kick up the bum when you need it but you have to be driven, you have to make the time to get the work done, you have to show up for yourself and commit to the outcome as well.

7. Go after the coach you want

My coach at the time of recording this had a waitlist that I was on for probably a year. I messaged to see when she might have an opening, I engaged with her content so she knew who I was, when a place became available, I applied and then I message her on socials to let her know I applied. I was in. I went after her and when she said yes, I was all in.

8. Commit and show up to make the most of the investment

Looking forward the right coach is one thing but when you're looking make sure that you're committed. That means that you're willing to invest time, money, effort, do the hard things – that's why you've hired them to the results you want.

EPS 263 – How to choose the right business coach & get the most out of your investment



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