Today we’re talking about the different steps, stages and elements that we go through when it comes to personal brand.

The one thing I want to say before we dive in, is that everything we do has to be intentional.  Really think about what you’re here to do and the impact you want to have then use these 8 element to start building a personal that connects and magnetizes the clients you really want work with.

So let’s dive in.


Number one is your message.  At the end of the day, when it comes to a personal brand, when I think of anyone,  like Gary Vee, Tony Robbins, Brene Brown, Amy Porterfield, any of the people that I love and follow, it's their message that really resonates with me.  It’s what they're saying. It's what they're doing that I love and it makes me want to follow them.

As I say all the time, when it comes to your brand in general, really knowing what you want to be known for and sharing not just what you do, but it's what you're here to do.

I'm here to help and support you to become a bold and powerful voice in your industry and claim your space with confidence.  Where are you sharing your message and is your message succinct? Is it articulated? And when I hear it, is it really clear who it's for and what you do and does it attract the type of people that you really want?

The first stage is message. I hear what you say. It resonates with me. Now I'm interested.


The second is magnetism, and I've been talking so much about brand magnetism. I'm going to be talking about it in book number two as well. Magnetism is the energy that you bring to what you do.

When you meet someone or connect with them and it just feels right then you’ll feel the need to be around them. What else are they talking about? How else are they sharing? What it is that we're talking about in this room? And I think that that's something, once again, when we talk, when I talk about brand and that it’s an invitation to an emotional connection, then that's what I'm talking about.

It's that intangible thing that you feel when it comes to what it is that your connecting with when you meet somebody, when you hear them speak, when you want to work with a business, you're like, Oh my gosh, I just love this person and what they do and how they do it.

So there is that magnetism there that there is that desire to become part of whatever this person has going on. And so I just want you to think about how you are bringing the magnetism to your business and what it is that you're doing as well.


Number three is memorability. When it comes to memorability; repetition and consistency are key. I remember who you are. I remember what you're about, and I remember how you made me feel.

The other thing that I love to talk about as well is brand jacking, which is basically when there something about you that you do, that you wear, that you say that helps people to remember you.

So for example, I get messages all the time where somebody is like, “I saw Gorman and it made me think of you. I saw something super colourful and bright. I saw these super, super bright earrings, and I thought of you like they were big and they were bold. And I just thought Sue's would love that.”

So colour is a massive element to my brand. And it also means that there is brand association when people see clothes and retailers that I buy from and that I wear and that I talk about in my brand as well.


Number four is about consistently to help build momentum. I think when it comes to personal brand, if you are showing up consistently and connecting with people, they will start to talk about you. The more that people talk about you and they share your content and what it is that you do and how you do it, obviously the more momentum you're going to get.

When I present on The Eight Secrets to Build a Bold Brand, one of the key point is about intentionally building your brand awareness. How are you going after those cold audiences, those warm audiences, those hot audiences, how are you collaborating?  What is your intention when it comes to building that momentum around your personal brand and at the end of the day.

If you're a solopreneur, which a lot of you who listen this podcast are, then you are your brand.

You've really got to take a look at how you are positioning yourself because you’re the person they are hiring.


The fifth element of building your personal brand is building credibility.  This is something I feel people are really shy about. So before I got into my business, I was working as the Director of Employer Branding and Marketing for Asia Pacific for a corporate organisation.

I've been a speaker since I was 16. I've been working with people as a speaker coach for years. I've been mentoring women in corporate as well as small business for a long time.

So how are you sharing your credibility? How do you know what you know? What is it that you've done?

What is it that you can share?  This is not blowing your trumpet; it’s sharing your credentials.

I think that out of, say a hundred pieces of content, if five or 10 of them build your credibility with a bit of a story as to your background and how you got to where you are, why you love what you do and the successes that your clients have had, then that only builds on your personal brand.


This is such a big one yet. It's about the relationships that you have. It's about the one-on-one. And I was talking about leadership the other day and I was saying that really great leaders can manage the whole but serve the individual.  A great leader understands what is required from an entire team or from an entire business, but they're also able to serve the individual and have that connection and that relationship.

I remember years ago when I used to work for Deloitte, which is a big consulting business in London and the Managing Partner of this thousand-person organisation used to send a voicemail every Monday morning that would just connect with everyone and let them know any news in the business and it was so personable I still remember it.

The way that he connected with people was amazing, and his ability to remember names was incredible.


The next element is community.  The saying goes, people come for the content and they stay for the community. If you can build an incredible community around you, people will be so attracted to that. So really think about what is the community element that I have and how is that community element serving my community?

What's in it for them. How is this giving them the things that they need? How am I able to building a culture and bringing the energy to this community so that they feel part of what it is that I'm building as well.


If you can do all 7 things that I’ve shared then number 8 should happen naturally, which is conversion.  People then want to work with you. They want to give you their money. They want to be part of what it is that you're doing, and they're saying, how can I work with you when are doors opening? What do you have that I can buy and do with you? What are my options?

If you can really start to think intentionally about each of these things, then you can start to build a bold connected and intentional personal brand.

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PODCAST EPISODE #142: 8 Stages of building a personal brand


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