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I’ve read so many blog posts on how to write a killer sales page, but one thing so many of them miss is the word that sits at the centre of any stand out and bold brand. You know the word – the D word…… yep you’ve got it, DESIRE.

That magnetic, I want, I have to have, that you articulate so perfectly that they want to keep reading, they want to know more, they keep coming back again and again for.

When I read a sales page, that’s what I want to feel.  I want to feel like not only are you going to solve my problem, but you’re going to do it in a way that make me feel like I’ve just bought  something that is going to make life so much better.

A great sales page builds that delectable, delicious, do-it-to-me-now, take-my-money kind of desire and leaves your customer realising that this is 100% for them and they can’t live without it.

So many people just don’t do their products or services justice. They leave money on the table because, let’s face it, they’re lazy. Are you going to be one of ‘those’ people?  Please don’t be.

As a bold business & branding coach, this is one thing that I talk to my Brand Builder Academy students about a lot.  Your brand is built on desire.  The desire to have what you do, share, create, make, sell, offer.   So show me the goods baby.  Don’t make me work it out and definitely don’t leave me to fill in the gaps.  Buys are lazy too. They want you to S-P-E-L-L  it out.  Tell me why this is for me. Tell what others experienced and said. Tell me what my life will be like once I buy this or work with you.  Tell me all the things and don’t leave any of the juicy stuff out.

You get the picture right?

1. It’s not all about you darling

I know, shocking but true. You sales is 90% about your customer, who they are, what they want and how you can help them directly.  If you’re talking about you, then you’re not connecting with them.  Sure give yourself a section – not a big one, but a section to talk about you, your story, who you are and how you help, but that’s it.  If it’s all about you then I’m probably clicking away because it shows that you don’t really care about me.

2. Do your research before you start writing

Before you start writing your sales you should know these things:

  • What your brand promise is. What is it that they will get when they work with you? How will you solve their problem and what the outcome be for them.  Give me the jazz hands and big dream. You need to know my big desire in order to create a brand promise that really captures my interest before I read more about what you offer.
  • What your client’s main struggles are and how they talk about their problem using their language. Doing your research is where the gold is.  Using something like my Ideal Client Interview Guide can help you get under the skin of your client and understand not only what their problem is but how they look for a solution right now.
  • What they really desire when it comes to the solution to this problem

As a customer, I want to see myself in any great sales page.  I want to say “OMG YES that’s me!” as I read through the “you might be feeling this way” section.  So make sure you do your homework because you’ll be missing a massive opportunity if you don’t speak to your customers in a way that works for them.

4. Have a framework to work to so that you keep it clean

There are about a million sales pages that you can look at and to be honest a good sales page will depend on what you’re selling.  An online course sales page could be longer than a single service sales page.

If you’re writing an online course sales page then the basic formula looks something like this:

  3. What’s happening in the world and what they may be experiencing right now
  4. intro to you, your story and who you are and why you can help. (p.s.this is not war and peace)
  5. Testimonials and social proof (2-3 here)
  6. Pricing & Call to action – JOIN NOW
  7. Welcome to this course – this is for you if….. (name and claim your audience. Make it easy for them to know if this for them or not)
  8. Here’s a look at what is possible – more social proof and you want quantifiable results where possible.
  9. By the end of this program you’ll be able to….. (sell me the outcomes, desire and dream)
  10. Social proof (2-3 testimonials or social share screenshots)
  11. Pricing & Call to action – JOIN NOW
  12. What you’ll find inside – tell me everything I get and if you can show me in images and videos then even better!
  13. At the end of our time together you will…… tell me all the things that will change for me
  14. Social proof (2-3 testimonials or social share screenshots)
  15. Pricing & Call to action – JOIN NOW
  16. Outline the content in the course in detail
  17. Tell me if there are any Bonuses
  18. Recap all the bonuses, the course and anything else in a single, easy to see frame
  19. Pricing & Call to action – JOIN NOW
  20. Guarantee and refund policy
  21. Social proof (4-5 testimonials or social share screenshots)
  22. Frequently asked questions
  23. Social proof (4-5 testimonials or social share screenshots)
  24. Pricing & Call to action – JOIN NOW
  25. Recap all the bonuses, the course and anything else in a single, easy to see frame
  26. Pricing & Call to action – JOIN NOW

A Service Sale page could include:

  1. Who this is for – “if you’re looking to build a stand out brand, then you’re in the right place”
  2. What you’ll get or what we’ll work through in this service
  3. How it works? – tell me what to do, then what happens and then the outcome in 3 simple steps
  4. Call to action – contact me or buy now if big bright, bold letters or a button
  5. Explain the full details of the service to me
  6. Call to action – contact me or buy now if big bright, bold letters or a button
  7. Testimonials and social proof
  8. FAQ’s if required
  9. Call to action – contact me or buy now if big bright, bold letters or a button

Here is an example of my Business Coaching service sales page and if you want more visuals then just go to Pinterest and check all these example sales pages out!!

You really have no excuse for a rubbish sales page! So take the time to get inspiration and make what you have better.

I liked this visual from ConvertKit of a simple sales page. It’s a great place to start!

5. Frequently asked questions & objection handling

A lot of people will skim your sales page and then go straight to frequently asked questions so make sure you put all the basic information in there.  How long it’s for, How it work,  What they will get. Basically all the things that people ask you.  I also update my FAQ section as and when people ask me questions that I think would be good to add.

6. Calls to action and clear pricing

Once again, different people read sales pages in different ways and the one thing that you don’t want them to miss is your call to action.  Make sure you have buttons that stand out on the page and tell them what you want them to do.  Don’t be shy about this – let them know they can buy NOW at different stages of the sales page.

Make the pricing bold, clear and simple.  Don’t make them figure things out and if you sell to an international audience then for goodness sake make sure the currently you’re charging in is clear! I’ve been charged an extra $1000 when someone didn’t have the currency they were charging in on their sales page …..I went back and checked and trust me it wasn’t a good start to the relationship.  Make everything clear and simple. People don’t like surprises and you want them to be 100% aware of what they are about to sign up for.

7. Give me the emotion not the function

One thing that many people do is list all the things I’ll get when I buy from them.  Obviously you need that, but unless you capture my heart and attention then all the ‘stuff’ counts for naught.  We started this post talking about desire.  Building the desire for your audience can be a game changer. Brand is about the emotional connection and invitation that you give and create for your audience.  If you can’t create that emotional connection then you’re just another product or service provide in a long line of others who can potentially do the same thing – so what makes you different?

8. Name them and claim them

Say who this product or service is for and who it is not for. Don’t be scared.  Your audience will love you for making their life easier and because as we’ve all agreed we’re lazy and don’t want to figure things out ourselves, by you telling me if this is for me and being really specific about it that means I can say yes or no to reading on quickly and easily and I really appreciate you saving me time and effort.

9. Tell me about you and why you’re different

A strong bio can help your sales page.  If you have awards, experience, accolades or whatever it is then now is the time start letting me know.  If you’ve worked with over 100 or 1000 clients then say so. If you’ve worked with big brand tell me everything.  If you’ve won an award – don’t be shy!  It’s all about building creditability and trust, so now is the time to share all that in your bio.  Also tell me why you do what you do and why this problem is important to you.  I also want to know that.

When it comes to Brand Builder’s Academy, so many of my students have told me why BBA is different.  Why it was so much more engaging, useful, and valuable and made more of an impact on their business than other courses that they had taken.  When they tell me these things I lock that information away in my head and then I share it on my sales page in my FAQ section.  Remember that your FAQ’s are a great place to objection handle so make sure you don’t leave an stone unturned.  By sharing why you’re different that might be the one things that they needed to hit that buy now button!  So don’t be shy.

10. Make it a visual feast

One thing that is so true is that we are spoilt for choice.  The other thing that you should know is that we buy with our eyes first.  I’ll give you an example.  If you were house hunting and the real estate agent showed you a house that was, well, a bit crap on the outside, would you bother looking inside? Usually the answer would be no.

If what I see when I first land doesn’t reflect who I am or who I want to be then I’m probably not going to waste my time walking up the front path and into the house.  So make sure that the look and feel reflects the experience that you want someone to have and that visual experience SO important these days – so don’t skimp on it. Professional images will go a long away to the quality of your page and your brand consistency.

11. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by being lazy.

I know I’ve kind of said this but it’s worth saying twice.  Don’t be lazy. Really think through your sales pages.  If your sales page doesn’t reflect the value, brand position and brand experience someone will get when they work with you or it doesn’t reflect the quality of what you offer then you’re losing customers before they get close to finding out more and seeing the value of your offer.

Hopefully you don’t have a million products and services on offer so make the most of what you have and really give me your best shot.  I want to feel wanted and if all there is, is a bit of text then I’m really not feeling the love. I’m not feeling like you’ve made an effort and you really want me.

Remember that your sales page is about not just communicating the value exchange (what you offer and what I pay), it’s about building trust and a relationship.

Leave me wanting more!

How to write a sales page that builds ‘got to have’ desire and captivates your dream client




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