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3 proven steps to take to feel that business mojo spark again              

Isn’t it funny how running a business can make you feel the highest of highs one minute before plummeting into the depths of despair? I recently rode this business emotion roller coaster (and damn it, it wasn’t fun!).

Those who know me get that I’m a planner. I’m always working on my business, setting goals, smashing them, and doing it over again.

On a recent reflection day, I experienced polar opposite business mojo feelings.

At the start, I’d realised that I’d built the business that I had been working so hard to create. Honestly, I’m doing EXACTLY what I wanted to be doing. I work fewer hours, earn more money and LOVE my work.

Some would say I’ve got it made. And yes, I do, and I’m proud.

But then the wave of emotions took over the joys.

I went into a state of feeling lost, aimless and emotional.

Gosh, this is a bit sad to admit, but when I burst into tears at the end of watching Pitch Perfect 2, I knew this was more than the hormonal upset I experience from time to time. I had to get my head sorted and work out why I was in this state in an otherwise perfect world.

I realised I’d lost my business mojo and needed to reignite my business passion  

It’s a strange concept to grasp. But I’m sure I’m not the only business owner who’s ever experienced this.

I mean seriously, I’m running my perfect business, loving it, and I’ve smashed all my business goals. I am so happy with that.

But what now? What’s next for me to do? If I’ve already built my business and it’s perfect, what else can I do?

Maybe some people get to this point and keep their business flow going as it’s working for them. And that’s amazing and an achievement to be proud of. But like an avid traveller, I get itchy feet and need to keep doing more – to push myself and create new products for my clients.

Some say I can’t sit still!

So, if you’re in the same boat as me, or don’t want to hit this a fist pump to head thump scenario as I did, here are my three steps to rediscovering your business mojo and passion.

My 3 R’s to reigniting your business passion for finding your business mojo  

  1. Recognise

When the tears at the end of Pitch Perfect streamed down my face, I knew I wasn’t just feeling blue due to ‘monthly’ hormones or life in general. Something bigger was going on inside.

I’d try to perk myself up – ‘Come on Suz, you’ve had a record financial month, and you love the people you’re working with’.

But it didn’t work. What the heck was my problem?

It took a few weeks of lost moments, tears, chats and deep thinking to work out what was really going on. I had to splash in my puddle – to kick around my emotions, allow myself time to feel the ripples and process it all.

I usually power on through and think, ‘It’ll all work itself out’. But eventually, there comes a time when you need to allow yourself the time and space to process everything going on.

Recognising this is a great place to start.

Tip: If you’ve lost your mojo, take yourself off for a walk, a weekend, a day or a few hours – whatever it takes to ask yourself the big questions so you can recognise what’s happening and reaffirm what you want.

  1. Reassess

Once I had recognised what was going on internally, I asked myself, ‘Ok Suz, what’s changed? What’s made you become this way?’.

One of the most significant shifts in my business life was that I’d started getting up heaps earlier. I naturally wake up around 5.30am, grab a coffee and work for 2 hours while the rest of my household sleeps peacefully. Then I’m around for helping the kids get off to school, and I return to work at 9am.

By lunchtime, I’m pretty much done with my business for the day. But heaven forbid I did nothing! That’s not me. I start looking for more work to do.

But the thing is, I’ve built my business to the point where I don’t need to work all the time. And weirdly enough – that was my goal!

In reassessing my situation, I realised I hadn’t changed my work habits.

Whoa! Could this be why I’m now in this aimless, unfocussed situation? With my work completed, my mind would dart around – what was I doing, have I missed something, why don’t I have anything to do?

The money is still coming in (amazing), but I’m twiddling my thumbs (not amazing!).

Tip: Have a big cry if you need and debrief with someone you trust. After I reassessed my situation, I knew I had to do a few things differently. I asked myself what needs to change and what do I want now at this stage of business.  

  1. Reset

Now that I’d worked out what was spinning around in my head, I knew it was time to reset my business to find my business mojo and reignite that passion.

a) My goals

Start by resetting all your goals – financial, business and personal. While you’re in the mindset, it’s the perfect time to reset all the aspects of your life.

Personally, I’d wanted to get healthier for a while, so after a walk and chat with a friend; I hired her Personal Trainer to keep me on track.

Business wise, I knew I wanted to grow BBA & Amplify, speak as much as possible, and go group coaching – all the things I love.

Quick story: I was the MC at the Melbourne Innovation Centre event in Melbourne, where Adam Jelic from MiGoals spoke about the stages of business. OMG, click! When you reach your goals in business, and you’ve achieved everything you want, it’s time to look at what the next stage looks like. I loved this theory, and it rang true for me.

So, what does the next stage of my business look like? Let’s see!

Letting go of what you’ve been doing when it’s been your ‘normal’ for so long can be daunting. But as I always tell my clients, you’ve done hard things before, and you can do and work this out too!

b) My expectations of my workday

I’m now a bit stricter on myself. If I work for 2 hours before 9am, then 3-4 hours after 9am, that’s my workday done. I won’t work for the sake of it. Instead, I can use these hours to work on my personal goals like rest, connection, fitness/health, creativity (whatever I choose).

Reframing my mind has lifted 95% of the stress I was feeling.

I’m a big believer that reframing your mind is one of the most important tools any business owner can have.

Tip: If you need to find ways to ‘fill’ your day, start to look for other things that will bring you joy, either on a personal or business level.  

Ultimately, to find your business mojo, you need to find yourself

Sorry if that’s a bit wishy-washy, but it’s legit! If you’ve built your business to the point you dreamed it to be and you’re feeling lost, look within.

What do you want to do with your spare hours? Honestly, I’ve made an extensive list, and I’ve given myself space for downtime. And more importantly, I’ve permitted myself to enjoy this downtime. As women and mums, I think that’s something that doesn’t come too easily.

And that’s my story. I hope this helps others going through similar feelings to recognise, reassess and reset what you want for yourself.

As I always say, my journey can be your roadmap, so you’ll learn from my mistakes, relate to the lessons I’ve learnt and connect with other business owners who will, at some stage, experience similar feelings. Feel free to share this with anyone who may be going through a similar situation right now.

How to reignite the passion for your business and find your mojo




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