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Become Braver in your Business - Suzanne Chadwick

How to be braver in business.  Well that's a loaded statement, isn't it?   If you've followed me for a while you might know that this is something I talk about a lot.

I do think that being brave is a muscle that we flex and build over time and it’s also a mind-frame.  When I ask the question – how does it feel when you think about being brave? I've had a lot of different answers. Some people say, ‘scared, terrified, worried like I can’t do it’, other's say they really want to but aren't sure how to. All of these responses are 100% valid but they are a way of thinking.

A lot of times we choose not to be brave because of what we think ‘could’ happen.  It may not work. I might fail, what will people say.  I just want to remind you that if you started a business, there was a moment in time where you backed yourself 100% and you were positive, brave and ready to go.  At that moment in time, you made a choice and you decided that this was something you were well capable of doing.

We can also spook ourselves at times when we are trying to do bigger, bolder and braver things.  If you want to get more confident and set yourself up to be braver than some things that have definitely helped me are……

1//Become Braver in your business by Protecting your headspace

When I started out, I was looking at everyone. What they were doing, saying, how they looked and it totally sucked the energy and air out of my tires.  I was always thinking – how am I ever going to get there (hello comparisonitis). Spending time looking at others meant that I wasn’t focusing on my own patch of grass and I was constantly comparing myself to everyone else and that definitely wasn't helping me to be braver in my business.  What a waste of time and mental energy – mental energy I could be putting into my own business and clients.  I think this is one of the biggest barriers to women in business moving forward.  If you can’t get out of the caparison stage, then you can find yourself stuck for some time.

  • Think about what are you spending your time doing?
  • Who are you looking at?
  • Is it helping or hindering what you want to do?
  • What are you Reading?
  • Who are you speaking to and spending time with?

2// Know your message and have Confidence in it

This is actually one of the BIGGEST issues for so many businesses owners when it comes to playing a bigger game – not being able to articulate their message.  I’ve spoken to so many women who aren’t exactly sure what they want to say or who they want to say it to and so hold back from doing anything.  When you become super clear on your message and what you want to be known for, putting yourself and your message out to market is so much easier.  I 100% believe that clarity gives you power and presence. I know what I want to say when I want to say it and who I want to say it to. – imagine the power behind that feeling.  So if you want to be braver in your business – nail your message and that confidence will follow.

3// Know the value of what you deliver

This isn't just about knowing your pricing but you know the results you can deliver for your clients. So many times we just ‘do’ and we keep ‘doing’ without telling the stories behind our business and the benefits our clients have when they work with us.  Really knowing what value, you bring to your clients, why they work with you, how you work differently to others in your field can help you be braver and more confident to talk about yourself and the work you do without feeling awkward or embarrassed.  Do you know why clients work with you and what they get when they work with you? do you ask? Knowing this can help you talk to prospective clients about the results you get clients which will boost your confidence no end! Asking can be one of the best things you do for yourself and your business.

4// Know & Trust Yourself

This sounds deep, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not too deep – it’s just really knowing what you react to and what triggers you as they things can be a barrier.  Visa Vera knowing what enables you to get moving can be your biggest business asset in being brave and taking action. For example, if working by yourself all the time really brings you down and you know you get so much more done when you’re around others and get energised then why would you sit at home all the time?

Why wouldn’t get out and head to a coworking space or meet up and work with a friend?  So many times we just keep doing the things that we know aren’t really helping us or serving us because ‘that’s what we’ve always done.  Another example I use is that when I get up in the morning and put on makeup and do my hair, the chances of doing a Facebook live are about 80% greater because I feel better about myself and how I look, I’m more focused on what I’m saying because I’m not worried I look terrible and a little lippy always gives a girl more confident no? So really knowing what can help you do more a make a huge difference in your business.

5// You'll be braver in your business if you continue learning

Personally, I find confidence comes from knowledge.  Knowledge of my subject matter, being able to help people when it comes to brand strategy, playing a bigger game in their business, putting systems into place and creating unique packages and experiences for their customers.  Forever learning and passing that knowledge on as given me the confidence to know that I’m giving my customers the best training, advice and support that I can.  If I felt like I was behind the 8 ball, then how I put myself out there might be very different.  By understanding your gaps and getting the support you need to grow your skills and knowledge can help you to continue to play a big game in your business. Keep learning and growing, it makes all the difference to the depth of what you do and how you continue to build on what you have.

Just remember that confidence is a muscle that you have to flex and use every day for it get stronger and the more confidence you have the braver you’ll be more often.  Being brave is fun when you get the hang of it.  It’s an adventure and allows you to do things that you may have never done before.  Experience new things, meet new people and build things that will make all the difference in your business.

If you’re ready to be braver in your business, more confident and play a bigger game then Play Big, Brand Bold is opening again soon and I would love to invite you to join me for the next round!  Check out all the details over HERE and let’s have more fun and create more opportunity for you!

How to be braver in your business




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