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Last year I was desperate to use a quiz in my business. I love them but I couldn't quite work out how to do it myself.  All the platforms that I Googled looked a little too time-consuming and if I couldn't work it out quickly then I wasn't going to spend loads of time trying to figure it out.  As someone who is on a list building mission, anything that is easy for me, fun for my audience and provides them with something valuable as well as helps me build my brand and subscribers – is basically what I'm looking for.   (Want to take the quiz? Click Here)

Enter in the picture Interact.

Recently I was asked to try out a quiz software call Interact and I'm not going to lie – it's pretty cool.  All the things I just listed above that I was looking for in a quiz – fun, easy, provides value and increases my subscribers – well I found it! So I thought it was worth sharing with you because if I'm loving it, then you may too.


When you start with the quiz – it's up to you if you want to start from scratch or use one of their templates.  I obviously went with a template to make life easy, but now that I've seen how it works I will definitely try my own unique quiz next time.  There are 22 industry type templates you can choose from which is awesome, including beauty, blogging, business, career just to name a few.

One of the interesting things you can select is the type of quiz.  So do you want an Assessment, Personality or Scored outcome.  The “What's your Brand Voice Style” quiz that I used was a personality based one which provided my quiz takers with 3 outcomes their brand voice style could be – The Educator, Visionary or Connector.  I think we all like to find out more about ourselves, so a personality result is a great one.  If your audience is more analytical then an assessment or scored outcome may appeal more to them.

Once you've chosen your type of quiz then it's important to work through the questions and make sure that it's in your brand voice and that it's right for your audience.  You can edit all of the details in the quiz so it's fully customizable which is great.


I think one of the big things that I REALLY like about Interact Quizzes are the analytics.  I love to know my analytics generally in my business but I find it painful working things out manually so they've made it super easy to not only integrate your CRM or mail management system with the tool but you can see how many people viewed the quiz right down to how many signed up.

Now one thing that I did to encourage people to actually sign up was that I put in place 2 additional emails, so that once you received your result you then get an email with the pros and cons of your brand voice style and then a week later you get 5 tips on how you can use your brand voice style more effectively.  This is where you want to add more value and provide more insights for people so that they sign up.  I also think that if someone is signing so that they get more tips from you then this is a topic they're interested in and therefore more aligned with you and what you do! Always good to have a qualified lead rather than someone who isn't actually wanting what you have.

One thing I really like about the insight opportunity of using a quiz like this is that you can get a really good sense for where people are in their business journey. Now if you were to customise the questions or options then you could get even more information on how long people have been in business, what they value, what they need, how they work and then potentially customise content for them based on their results.  As I mentioned I haven't gone into this in the first instance but will be looking at how I can be more clever with the questions I'm asking and then what I can do with that content.


1 – Make is worthwhile – You have to remember that it's just a tool.  At the end of the day it's the ongoing value that you provide to your subscribers and audience that will make them stick around.  This is just a great way for them to find out more about you and what you talk about.  If they've taken the quiz then you can usually be pretty sure that they are interested in the topic so give them more.  Share something interesting and useful to them so that you're able to build an ongoing relationship post quiz!

2 – Customise the branding – Even though I didn't tweak that content that much, I did change the images so that it was all my personal branding.  Remember that anyone could use the template but it's how you customise it that will make the difference so I would recommend you use your own images.

3 – Give it a boost – So I shared this with my subscribers for fun and put it on my Instagram and Facebook header but I've also put it into a Facebook Ad as I'm keen to get new subscribers from it – which is obviously the point.  So I dropped about $20 to see how it went.  This has all been a test for me so I wanted to see if it would work.  Now if it works then it's something I'll be using more often so why not really give it a whirl!

Overall I really like the tool. I found it easy to use and fun. I really like analytics and how easy it was to integrate with Active Campaign my CRM. So a big thumbs up from me!

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