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I’m so excited for today’s conversation. The week that this episode goes live is the final week of the financial year here in Australia. But you know something, we love to talk about this all year round. I knew that I wanted to have a conversation with some amazing women who I’ve collaborated and worked with in different capacities.

Some interesting facts around women and money:

  1. 75% of self-employed Aussies don’t contribute to their super
  2. Self-employed people generally retire with 50% less super than everyone else
  3. Self-employed women generally retire with 70% less super than employee men
  4. Only 10% of self-employed people who actually do contribute, claim their contributions as a tax deduction – which generally tells us most self-employed people aren’t aware they CAN do this

Facts thanks to the Australian Superannuation Funds Association and the Retire Income Review.

This is such an important topic and I want to be part of the solution when it comes to supporting you to think bigger, be more savvy and get super practical and strategic with your money. And as we talk about in this episode, it’s not just your business but your personal finances too.

We’re talking about how business owners can:

  1. be profitable and do great things
  2. get savvy with their superannuation
  3. have stronger financial goals
  4. talk to their kids about money
  5. acknowledge our own money stories
  6. As we go into the next financial year, how can we be smarter with our money and business? (strategies and things to think about)
  7. What resources should we know about to keep informed? i.e. What are great things to read – websites, books, etc.

Plus so much more!

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huge Thanks to our amazing panel of guests today

Renae Vercoe – Financial Planner

Renae Vercoe is a Financial Adviser and founder at Money Mode; a financial education and advice practice.  She’s been in the industry for over 16 years and is particularly passionate about empowering women at all ages and stages of life with accessible financial know-how.  She is also the host of the Savvy Mumma podcast, which aims to support fellow Mums in navigating all aspects of their personal finances.  She is a regular contributor to Kidspot and one of the panel experts on Nova’s Small Change podcast.

Instagram | Website

Fi Johnston – Business Mentor

Fiona Johnston is A Chartered Accountant who is all about impact, and no bean counter.  Fi works with purpose-led business owners to make sure they make a big impact and a healthy profit. She helps business owners to make better business decisions by creating business plans, financial forecasts and with regular check-ins. Her clients, which include The Digital Picnic, Project Rockit, Arlo and Co and more, all come to her by word of mouth because she truly makes a difference to the people she works with.

Instagram | Website

Fairien Azeem – Money & Wealth Strategist 

Fairien Azeem is a multi-award-winning financial professional who brings money substance, experience and sophistication with the woo in a down to earth, fun and fabulous way.

She is a Financial Educator, Wealth Strategist and Business Coach, with over 20 years’ experience. She supports money coaches and financial professionals to build businesses that create change and make impact by empowering others with financial knowledge and improving their relationship with money.

Fairien believes in living an extraordinary life where you can achieve financial success, attract money into your life and achieve your financial goals.  If you’re ready to dream big and create a life of abundance she’ll teach you how to align your heart, head and hand to master your money mindset and build your empire.

Instagram | Website

Resources mentioned in this podcast

Thanks to this week’s Podcast Sponsor:

Gigsuper Helping self-employed people pay themselves super

Finally, a super fund that works for all sorts of self-employed people like freelancers, tradies, photographers, consultants, drivers, creatives, independent contractors, coaches, small business owners…and anyone else who works for themselves.

You see, for the majority of people running their own business, super isn’t their biggest problem right now. There are so many other issues that take priority. You’re wearing *ALL* the hats in your business and trying to find your footing to take the next right step.⁠⠀

But the thing about super is that it’s a silent problem that creeps up on you, and by the time it becomes the biggest problem in your business/life it’s often too late.⁠⠀

GigSuper was built on the simple idea that you shouldn’t need to be a finance expert to do super properly when you’re self-employed. They’ve created a fund with a purpose-built app and experience that makes it easier for self-employed folks to get started.

They are so invested in helping self-employed folks save for their future that they’ve created a Self-Employed Super Bootcamp to help you go from overwhelm, to properly paying yourself super in just 30 days – regardless of how much you earn or what super fund you’re with.


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PODCAST EPISODE #164: Creating Savvy Money Habits




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