If you're ready to step into your courageous self, and turn your brain into your most powerful ASSET instead of your biggest BARRIER, then welcome!


Just so you know, it's not your fault.  Our brain loves to keep us safe. It just doesn't know that what you're trying to do isn't harmful.  It's up to you to train your brain, manage your mind and utilise the tools that will make the biggest difference to how you show up and the things you do on a daily basis. 

That why COURAGEOUSLY YOU is the perfect container for you to start to uncover the beliefs you have, start flipping them on their head and releasing fear, overwhelm, comparision, imposter sydnrome and supercharge your self-belief into something incredible. 

One of the most common things I hear from clients and women in my community is -
"I just want to get out of my own way"

The coaching and mentoring by Suz has totally shifted my mindset and the way that I think & feel & how I approach my business. For me the biggest take out has been my self-awareness about the way that I think and getting out of my head, with all the feelings of being overwhelmed & procrastinating with what I thought I ‘should’ be doing versus what revenue generating activity actually needed to be done to move my business forward. 

I am so grateful & thankful for Suz with her coaching sessions and for breaking everything down in the simplest way possible. It has allowed me to learn and implement new systems & processes to save time and to shift my mindset to thinking ‘bigger’ with planning and growing my business in a more courageous and confident way. 

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A colour-loving, fun & adrenaline seeker and deep conversation holding, Business & Mindset Coach and Speaker.

I'm all about bringing the profit and brand building business strategies mix in with the mind bending, deep thinking and life changing mindset work that helps you nail those strategies. 

A global speaker for over 20 years, I've worked with and spoken to thousands of women to support them to Play Bigger and Brand Bolder, claim their space with confidence and get out of overthinking. 

As my clients always say, they're here to get the (ever- loving) kick up the butt that they want and have been looking for, to get out of their own way and step into their big audious goals and dream. 

I'm Suz Chadwick


Is that you?

You may have a deep fear of failure that holds you back.

You may be comparing yourself to others and it's like you can't look away! 

You don't trust yourself fully to make the right decisions

You may feel like you're sabbotaging yourself at every turn and you can work out why

Imposter Syndrome keeps rearing it's ugly head and you're tired of feeling like you're not enough. 

You know that your mindset is holding you back in business and life, but you want to change that

Stuck and overwhelm feels like a place you live (or you airbnb there regularly!)

… and the list goes on.

I know that I'm here to support you to be BOLD.  To step up in a bigger way and to claim your space with courage and confidence. 

Before joining COURAGEOUSLY YOU...

COURAGEOUSLY YOU IS A group program & community to help you become a bold and powerful voice and truely step into everything you want for youself, now and in the future.

Understand how your mind works more so that you can start or continue the work to move forward

Have the tools to work through negative emotions and feelings to take control and not let thing.

Feel the weight lifted of knowing you are in control of these emotions and you have the power to shift them. 

Let go of comparison and imposter syndrome and be working towards a more courageous way of being.

Have the ability to quickly and easily step yourself out of overwhelm and bring yourself back into intentional control of your day.

Lessen self-sabbotage so that you can be aware of your behaviour, intentional move forward and make more empowered decisions.

Deepen your self-belief to create the business and life you want and get out of your own way.

By the end of our time together you'll...

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Understanding your model of reality and how that sets you up for success or failure

Understand current thoughts and beliefs and shining a light on them

Reframing & resetting thoughts and beliefs

WEEK one

Powerful thought audits


Understanding & eliminating imposter sydnrome

Internal Decision making to build self confidence & self worth

Creating and embedding dynamic identity shifts to achieve you big goals


Dynamic identity shifts

Spotlighting current self belief

Daily practises to strengthen Self Belief

Future focus and intention setting around your self belief


Strengthening Self Belief 

Understanding your fear at a deeper level

Rewriting your fear stories

Creating fear Pattern interupters & thought anchors


Breaking through Fear

Understanding how comparison can show you your deepest desires

Powering your desires to leave comparison behind

Stepping into powerful self leadership


Conquering Comparison

Understanding overwhelm and how it works in your body and mind

How to manage and eliminate overwhelm for good

Knowing yourself and working with your strengths and energy


Leaving stuck and overwhelm behind

The three practices that can superchage your mindset daily

Taking control of your business and life through though and belief management

Setting a clear direction for how you will continue to use everything we have worked through and keep growing your courage and personal power


The daily mindset Supercharge

are all of the juicy and deep questions, conversation and coaching you've been wanting and needed make big shifts. You've done the courses, listened to the podcasts and now you're ready to do the real work.  Are you ready? let's dive in.

Aligning your goals with the beliefs and emotions that you need to have to achieve them

How to manage and eliminate overwhelm for good

Knowing yourself and working with your strengths and energy

WEEK eight

Holding a bigger and stronger belief for your business & life moving forward

Courageously YOU is an 8 week mini group coaching program with live coaching calls, weekly emails, facebook lives and a Popup Facebook group where you can get even more support.  

Dates for this live round:
  • Monday 17th October to Friday 2nd December 2022

  • Every Monday you'll recieve the content for that week via email at 9am AEST.  
  • The email will provide an outline of the week's topic with a link to the audio file lesson that you can listen to on the go, at any time through the Kajabi app.  
  • There will also be a worksheet each week for you to do your thought work and reflect on that week's content and how it applies to you.

Live coaching call:  
  • There will be a live weekly coaching call at 9.30am on Friday for the 8 weeks.  On these calls I'll be answering questions as well as doing more indepth coaching sessions. You can raise your hand to be coached or you can just come and listen and learn from other people's coaching.  This is your chance to get the support you need.

BONUS - Email support for this first round:
  • For this first round, I'm even including email support if you have something you want to share with me privately.
  • You will be able to send me 1 private email to support@suzchadwick a week which I'll answer and respond to on a Friday.  

  • You will have 12 month access to the content from the date of purchase

Refund Policy: 
  • There is a 7 days refund policy on this product.  Email us at

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