OMG, I know, I totally get it. There is so much to do and to be honest we'd love to stay in our zone of genius and do the work we love.  But alas a business doesn't go and it doesn't grow if you don't learn how to find a way to sell that work for us and our community.

Maybe you can resonate with some of these issues...
💸You're making some money but not as much as you would like
💸Your main strategy is posting on social media and you don't have a way of getting the leads 
💸You don't want to sound salesy or sleazy so rarely make an offer
💸You're not sure how to make your offers more attractive to your dream clients
💸You literally have no idea what to do next to start getting more sales in the door
💸You would love selling to be fun....but think - seriously is that even a thing?

If you're thinking - PLEASE, SOMEONE JUST TELL ME HOW TO DO THIS BETTER, then this is for you! 

You love what you do, but no one told you that you needed to become great at selling (and everything else) too. 🙄

Hey there, If we haven't met  I'm Suz Chadwick!

I'm all about helping you to make more sales and for it to be fun! YES it is possible!

I started selling a long time ago have sold offline, online, I've sold products and services and I've helped hundreds of clients across different industries sell more of what they have too.   And can I tell you something?  I actually love it. 

I love helping clients to find a way of selling that feels good for them and connects in a deeper way with their audience and I'd love to help you do the same. 

Sound good? 

Selling consistently starts with creating the right mindset and great systems that help you sell more!

Once you go through, you'll:

💸Have clear strategies to take so you can start making better offers straight away

💸 Know how to share what you have in a fun and engaging way with your community and potential clients

💸Know if you have a lead strategy that works what actions to take on a regular basis

💸Feel more confident (forget salesy or sleazy) to make the offer

💸Be able to plan your marketing & sales out in a strategic way so you can get more sales in the door

💸Have a process in place to make to sell with a structure you can measure

So how can the Sell More Mini (not so mini) course help?

What's inside! I'm not holding back, this is Epic!

It's all about the practical steps you can take and the mindset you need to make more sales in 2023!

Introducing the SELL MORE mini (not so mini) Course!

Get started straight away!


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What happens when sales start to feel fun & simple