Welcome to the Simple Sales Coaching week training.

What if selling could be easier - even fun!?
What if you could choose to think amazing things when you sell?
What if you could sell with joy and bring that positive energy to your clients?

With over 20 years sales experience selling millions worth in products & services  in corporate, consulting & as a business & mindset coach in the online world, I've worked with a wide range of clients to support them to become more profitable.  

Simple Sales Training & Coaching will share 5 days of powerful training where you'll learn how you can starting thinking, acting and creating the sales you want in your business, plus we'll have some fun in the process.

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Selling consistently starts with creating the right mindset & message that builds momentum.

Day 1: The thoughts and habits that create simple sales in your business

Day 2: Simple sales strategies that connect & convert

Day 3: Understanding how you sell best and leaning into your magnetic energy to sell more

Day 4:  The one thing that will help you show up and share what you have consistently

Day 5: Putting your new simple sales plan into action

What you'll learn over the 5 days of training!

I loved Suz’s simples sales week. I learnt so much and got to connect with a great community! I launched a 7 day challenge after Simple Sales Week and have already signed on 2 new clients!! Thanks Suz!

- BROOKE - @RespiritRunCo.

"That's Suz for not only teaching me new things but helping me to take action on them"

- @whatmelliedidnext

"Sales coaching week has been epic. Learning how to flip the switch on my negative thoughts to create new ideas and bring positive energy to myself.

- Anna Donahoo



Ready to up-level your business & Sales Mindset together?

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What happens when sales start to feel simple